Sunday, October 16, 2011


Anna's Legacy
Halloween Fun - Which Witch is Which?
1. Hocus Posus gave us fame, but can you remember our witchy names?
2. Now don't put your brain to shame. Do you remember their last name?
3. What were the actresses whose scheme, was played so well in every scene.
4. What was the immortal black cats name, that caused the sisters so much pain?
5. Now, what song did the sister's sing, at the dance that Halloween?
6. Winifred's spell book was made from this - something you would surely miss. 
7. This candle when lit caused some shame - can you remember what it is named? 
8. What was the candy the master gave, if you eat it you are  very brave? 
9. Max's sisters' name was this, she was dressed up like a witch. 
10. Let's keep playing this fun game, What was Thackery's sister's name? 
11. Max's mother dressed like her.  It created quite a stir! 
12. Here's one to make you pull your hair.  Max went to High School but where? 
13. And now, to end this game, please do tell, the last thing in the "Life-Sucking" spell. 
Answers …
1.  Mary, Winifred, & Sarah    2. Sanderson   3.  Kathy Najimy - Mary, Bette Midler - Whinifred, and Sarah Jessica Parker - Sarah  4. Thackery Binx   5. Iput a Spell on You.  6. Human Skin.  7.  The Black Flame Candle  8.  Clark bars. It was called a "chocolate covered finger of a man named Clark by the sisters.  9. Dani    10. Emily  11.  Madonna  12. Jacob Bailey High School.  13. A bit of thine own tongue.
Halloween Fun

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