Monday, December 22, 2014

Anna's Christmas Story ~

The Newest Angel
 By Cathy Collar
Dedicated to my sweet beautiful Angel, Anna Michelle Collar.
We all Love & Miss you...
Anna Michelle Collar  Aug. 26, 1980 ~ Dec. 22, 2004

 The softly glowing orb floated through the dark, silent night.  Her light rivaled that of the moon.  She was told she could not go.  She could not make this trip from heaven to Earth.  She was too young, too newly an angel, but in her heart she knew she had to come.  It would be her first Christmas away from her earthly family and she must be there.  They had to know that she was all right. That she was happy and a part of her would always be with them.  The new angel wasn’t sure how she was going to accomplish this, but she was determined and with the help of God, he would help her, he’d understand, she would find a way.
She floated looking for any sign that she was in the right place.  Her journey had disoriented her a bit and she really wasn’t accustomed to her new form.  The frozen ground reflected her glow, lighting her way through the brisk night. She did not feel the cold.  The glowing warmth that God had bestowed upon her filled her whole being.
There it was, her earthly home.  No Christmas lights outside this year.  The sight saddened her a little.  Her mother loved Christmas and always decorated the house and yard with thousands of brilliant lights.  The Nativity Scene hadn’t even been set out.  But she understood why.  Her family really didn’t feel the Christmas joy this year because they were missing her.
Determined to let them know that she was gloriously happy, she slipped into the house.  A dream vision would be the easiest way to talk to them.  Her grandpa’s sister, Shellia had passed at the tender age of nine.  She had become the new angel’s very special friend and taught her a few simple angel tricks, how to pass through walls and not knock herself out in the process, how to make things glow and how to enter a dream.  The new angel said a silent prayer.  Please God help me get this right.  Her inner glow grew a little warmer.  She smiled.  He was with her on her quest.
She floated to her parent’s bedroom.  The sadness and grief almost knocked her down.  She must fight her way past this.  She had been warned this would be her biggest enemy in getting through to them.
“It will be all right.  I am with you.  I will give you the strength you need.”
The voice softly blended with her whole being.  Fortified, she bolted forward, through the fog of despair that barred the entry into the room.
First, would be her mom.  She would be easier to reach.  Her mind was open to the thought that her daughter would contact her in some way.  Her mom had prayed for it.  The new angel pausing studied her mother’s face.  Dark circles appeared under her eyes, evidence of unending tears that had been shed.  Yes, this was the right thing to do.  She must vanish the doubt in her mother’s mind.  Softly she hovered over her mom’s heart.  She had already planned the dream that would be implanted there.  Her thought formed and pushed its way gently in, a glowing white angel with feathery wings, basking in a brilliant light and her smiling face looking into her mother’s eyes.  The young angel watched as her mother’s grief lifted a little and a smile spread on her lips.
She drifted to her dad.  She knew he would be more difficult.  He was trying so hard to be the strong one.  As always, he thought he had to be the rock for all to lean on.  She felt his enormous pain.  He held inside all of his suffering and grief.  It was so vast.  She knew she had to push her way past and find the soft spot underneath.  Try as she might, her thoughts would not break through.  What would she do now?  The soft, calm voice was back.
“You must enter his heart.  I will help you.”
With a surge of light, the new angel battled through the hard shield her father and built.  Thump, thump, she was in!  She had thought about his dream very carefully.  It had to be simple, yet strong enough for him to believe.  The thought formed.  A blue sky covered with dark clouds.  The clouds represented her fears and problems on earth.  Now the clouds would part to a blazing sun, her bright new world.  He was a being of nature and would understand this dreams’ meaning.  Struggling back through the shield, she forced her way out.   She watched as his face transformed from tension and strain into a state of satisfied calmness.
Hovering above her parents, she soaked in their love.  She hated to go, but her work here was done.  If she stayed any longer, it would be harder for them to move on.
“I will visit you often,” she whispered drifting out of the room.
She paused at the sight of the familiar Christmas tree standing in its usual spot in the living room.  She took in all of the homemade ornaments and twinkling lights.  Her eyes followed them to the top, where she knew the beautiful Christmas Angel would stand.  Oh no!  Something was wrong.  The Christmas Angel's candles, held in her hands were not lit!  This just wouldn’t do!
“Here is my Christmas present to all of you,” she said.  The candles began to glow then blossomed into a brilliant light. “Merry Christmas!  I love you all dearly!”
Floating back to heaven, the new angel felt a great worry lift from her soul.  She knew her message had gotten through.  Now she must move on to her new life.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

It is December! 
If you were Born this Month you are a 
Trendy Turquoise
Turquoise ~
"The Stone Of Guidance"
I blend the energy of the Heaven and Earth.  I am the shaman’s stone who heals the spirit, and induces wisdom, trust and kindness.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stone Magic ~ Citrine

 Citrine History & Lore

 In Ancient times, Citrine our Mantra Stone, was used in the breastplate of High Priests and the Romans used it in jewelry. It was carried as a talisman and protection stone against snake bites, the plague, and evil thoughts. It is a protection stone that combats negativity. Citrine does not hold negativity and does not require to be cleared, but you can clear it under the moon, as the sun will fade its color. It carries the power of the sun and helps to set the tone of  a “sunny” disposition and wellness.

It is known as “The Merchant’s Stone” or “Success Stone”. For Feng Shui, use it in the southeast or money area of your home, or in that corner of your office for the growth of prosperity. It is highly recommended as a “personal power stone”. It helps to support discipline and right action for professional success, and the creativity and self-empowerment needed.
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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stone Magic ~ November

It is November!
If you were born this month you are a 
Creative Citrine!

Citrine  " The Stone Of  Happiness "
Magic wells of golden light within me reflect universal perfection, similar to Christ light.  I am one of the stones of abundance and have the power to impact joy to all who behold me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Native American Animal Symbol

If you were born between
Oct 23 - Nov 22 ~  You are a Snake!

Most shamans are born under this Native American animal symbol. The Snake is a natural in all matters of spirit. Easily attuned to the ethereal realm the Snake makes an excellent spiritual leader. Also respected for his/her healing capacities, the Snake also excels in medical professions. The Snake's preoccupation with matters intangible often lead others to view them as mysterious, and sometimes frightening. True, the Snake can be secretive, and a bit dark - he/she is also quite sensitive, and caring. In a supportive relationship the cool Snake can be passionate, inspiring, humorous, and helpful. Left to his/her own devices, the Snake can be despondent, violent, and prone to abnormal mood swings.  

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stone Magic ~ Opal

~ Opal History & Lore ~
The Opal of Nonius
 The Roman Senator Nonius chose exile “turned out of house and home” rather than surrender a large opal ring to Marc Antony. 
 Pliny the Elder (Plinii), Roman officer and author of the Natural History (Naturalis historia) wrote of the opalus: "There exists today a gem of this kind, on account of which the senator Nonius was proscribed by Antony. Seeking safety in flight, he took with him of all his possessions this ring alone, which it is certain, was valued at 2,000,000 sesterces (USD$80,000)." The opalus was "as large as a hazel-nut."
 In the mid-18th Century, a peasant found a brilliant precious stone in an old ruins at Alexandria, Egypt. This stone was set in a ring and is said to have been an opal cut en cabochon and "as large as a hazel-nut."  The ring was taken to Constantinople, where it was estimated to be worth "several thousand ducats." (Hesselquist, "Voyages and Travels in the Levant" 1766.) The description of this gem, its apparent antiquity and the high value placed on it have led many to ponder wheteher it was the celebrated "Opal of Nonius."
 According to Isidore Kozminsky in his book “the Magic and Science of Jewels and Stones” (1922) the "Opal of Nonius" ring was discovered in the tomb of the “firm willed Senator” early in the twentieth century.  He also writes: “Perhaps against no other gem has the bigotry of superstitious ignorance so prevailed as against the wonderful opal.”
 In 'Naturalis historia' Pliny wrote that opal was the most highly prized and valuable of all gemstones in the Roman Empire and that price was set “according to the decree generally set down and pronounced by our nice and costly dames”!
 Pliny was an obvious admirer of opals: "For in them you shall see the living fire of ruby, the glorious purple of the amethyst, the sea-green of the emerald, all glittering together in an incredible mixture of light."
 Another translation of the Pliny text reads: "There is in them a softer fire than in the carbuncle, there is the brilliant purple of the amethyst; there is the sea-green of the emerald -- all shining together in incredible union. Some by their refulgent splendor rival the colors of the painters, others the flame of burning sulphur or of fire quickened by oil."
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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Our first Jewelry Show of the Season
Canadian, Texas
Fall Foliage Festival

Saturday Oct 18th
Sunday Oct 19th 

Canadian Elementary School

Friday, October 10, 2014

Stone Magic ~ Opal

History & Lore

The Roman "Cupid Stone"
 The early Romans referred to opals as the “Cupid stone” because it suggested the clear complexion of the god of love. Romans thought opals had aphrodisiacal qualities and the capability of bringing great wealth to its owner.
 The Romans considered opals be a token of hope and purity. According to legend, one Roman Emperor offered to trade one-third of his vast kingdom for a single opal. 
 An opal was said to be set in the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Emperor.  In medieval times, opals were known as "ophthalmus lapis." Albertus Magnus describes it as follows:
 "The orphanus is a stone which is in the crown of the Roman Emperor, and none like it has ever been seen; for this very reason it is called orphanus. It is of a subtle vinous tinge, and its hue is as though pure white snow flashed and sparkled with the color of bright, ruddy win, and was overcome by this radiance. It is a translucent stone, and there is a tradition that formerly it shone in the night-time; but now, in our age, it does not sparkle in the dark. It is said to guard the regal honor". (Alberti Magni, Opera Omnia, ed. Borgnet, Parisiis, 1890.)
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stone Magic ~ Opals

Opal History and Legends

The Sanskrit word for opal, Upala means " precious stone"; and early Latin word was Opalus and the Greek Opallios both mean "to see a change (of colour)".  In medieval times, opals were known as "ophthalmus lapis" or "ophthalmios".
 These ancient races claimed that opal had magical qualities and aided its wearer in seeing limitless possibilities. They believed opals clarified, amplified and mirrored feelings, buried emotions and desires. Opals were thought to lessen inhibitions and promote spontaneity. 

'The Red Heart of Australia'
A solid black opal from Lightning Ridge
  The early Greeks believed the opal bestowed powers of foresight and prophecy upon its owner. Onomacritus, a Greek poet wrote: “the delicate color and tenderness of the opal reminded him of a loving and beautiful child”. 
 Arabic folklore says opals fell from heaven in flashes of lightning. 
 The Orientals referred to opals as “the anchor of hope” and considered opal a symbol of purity and thought that the wearer of the gem was protected from illness.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Sapphire ~ Stone Magic

The Structure and Meaning of Sapphire

Consider, finally, that sapphire is also a hexagonal crystalline. Its nature is associated with the number six. Two triangles are brought together to form a new shape that represents our physical existence on earth. Harmony and community are also associated with the number six. According to tradition, the number six is represents Solomon's seal-a way of mediating and coming to resolution and balance after indecision. In nature, the hexagonal shape is in honey combs of bees.

Blue is a color associated with divine law, order and structure. Consider who is wearing blue uniforms even today. The Vedic word for sapphire, sanipraya, translates to, "dear to the planet Saturn." Saturn, in mythological texts, is associated with structure, foundations, agriculture, patience, time, history, the teacher and archetype of the old man. Sapphires representing eyes of the deity might suggest that the gem helps us to see clearly. To be at one with the proper order of manifest life is a precondition that must be met if we are to understand our true direction.

Apart from its sheer beauty, it is easy to understand why this gem has been desired for thousands of years. To hold a sapphire in one's hand and listen to its energy might be a kind of healing, through vision, helping one find truth in the journey toward the Kingdom.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014


Sapphire Lore

Sapphire in the Bible

The Latin term for sapphire is, sapphire; in Hebrew, it is sappir. Ancient texts refer to sapphire as a blue stone, which means that its characteristics were at times confused with lapis lazuli. Sapphire is listed as the second foundation stone in Revelations XXI: "Its color is similar to that of a clear sky; struck by the rays of the sun, it sends forth, burning, a flash of lightening, signifying the hope by which we are carried off to heaven." The gem is associated with the apostle, St. Paul by the eleventh century bishop, Andreas of Caesarea. Pope Innocent II had his bishops wear sapphire rings.

The color of sapphire, blue, is associated with divine law, order and structure. Consider who is wearing blue uniforms even today. Dark blue represents a law. Sapphire can protect from curses or the "evil eye" which confuses or distorts the way. If we become toxic it is surely partly because we do not have clear vision of the proper order of things. 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Native American Animal Symbol

If you were born between
 Sept 22 - Oct 22
You are a Raven
Highly enthusiastic, and a natural entrepreneur, the Raven is quite a charmer. But he/she doesn't have to work at being charming - it comes easily. Everyone recognizes the Raven's easy energy, and everyone turns to the Raven for his/her ideas and opinions. This is because the Raven is both idealistic and diplomatic and is quite ingenious. In nurturing environments this Native American animal symbol is easy-going, can be romantic, and soft-spoken. Further, the Raven can be quite patient, and intuitive in relationships. Left to his/her own devices, the Raven can be demanding, inconsistent, vindictive, and abrasive. 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


The Lore of Sapphire 
An old Vedic story from India describes the demon god, Vela, ripped apart by demigods. His primordial body tumbled through time and space to the solidity of earth, shattering, like glass. His eyes, cobalt globes of fire and fury, broke apart in a million pieces, many of which landed in the village of Ratna Purna, Sri Lanka where even today we source our ethically mined sapphires from a cooperative of small scale miners.

Vela represents the cathartic, primordial, untamed forces, the creative destructive elementals that formed from light and stardust, the earth and our body. That blue sapphires formed from the eyes of Vela might have something to do with sapphires being used as an "eyestone" to treat eye disease throughout the centuries. Egyptian physicians created an eye wash with sapphire, copper oxide and boric acid. Medieval texts also refer to sapphire as an elixir for the eyes particularly when dissolved in milk.

The Vela myth also suggests that the gem might be used as a type of shield to protect oneself from harm. Corundum, which is the family of gems from which sapphires come from, has a hardness scale of nine out of ten. The gem exists in many different shades of color. The skin of the demon became yellow sapphires. Damigeron, an Arab who wrote the earliest Middle Ages treatise on gemstones, wrote that sapphires were worn by kings as a protection from harm.

Sapphire was also considered an antidote for poisoning, as long as you chose the right gem. Wolfgang Gabelchover, a medieval writer, suspended a sapphire over a spider, swinging it like a pendulum. If the spider died then the stone was a good antidote. This theme was picked up by other writers who thought sapphires were a good cure for venom. It became a favorite for the practices of necromancers who used it to understand even obscure oracles. (Kunz 104) 

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Monthy Birthstone

It is September! 
If you were born this month you are a Sizzling Sapphire!
Sapphire "The Stone Of Inner Spirit"
"As a star of the skies brought to Earth, I blend with you to initiate the awakening of your intuitive senses.
Or a Lovely Lapis!

Lapis Lazuli   " The Stone Of  Proclamation "
With my beautiful cosmic blue color, I contact your spirit guardians to protect you.  It is also my duty to instill upon you the power of words.  Use them to teach and heal those who have not found their voice.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anna's Birthday

~Memories of Anna Michelle Collar~
Anna 1 year old

Anna 3 years old

Our Softball Player
Our Beauty Queen

Our Flower Child
Family Time!

More Family Time!
 Our Family
We love & Miss You

Monday, August 25, 2014

Butterfly Cameo W/ Peach Pearls

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Anna's Birthday!!!!

This week in honor of Anna Michelle Collar's birthday we will be featuring
~ Anna's Legacy Leukemia Awareness Jewelry ~
Carnelian Pendant with Gold Dragonflies, Peridot & Carnelian chips in Gold

Carnelian  "The Stone Of  Inspiration " 
I am the artists' stone reflecting soulful expression through words and actions. I inspire intensity and lend fire to design.

Peridot "The Stone Of  Destiny" 
I stand as a guardian of hope, wisdom, generosity, abundance, and compassion. Let me take you in hand and guide you to understanding your destiny and spiritual purpose.  

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Native American Animal Symbol

If you were born July 22 ~ Aug 21st you are a

Salmon: Jul 22 - Aug 21
Electric, focused, intuitive, and wholly creative, the Salmon is a real live-wire. His/her energy is palpable. A natural motivator, the Salmon's confidence and enthusiasm is easily infectious. Soon, everybody is onboard with the Salmon - even if the idea seems too hair-brained to work. Generous, intelligent, and intuitive, it's no wonder why the Salmon has no shortage of friends. This Native American animal symbol expresses a need for purpose and goals, and has no trouble finding volunteers for his/her personal crusades. In a supportive environment, the Salmon is stable, calm, sensual, and giving. Left to his/her own devices, those that bear this Native American animal symbol can be egotistical, vulgar, and intolerant of others.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

It Is August!!!!!
Photo: PeridotIf you were born this month you are a
Precious Peridot
Peridot " The Stone Of Destiny"
I stand as a guardian of hope, wisdom, generosity, abundance, and compassion. Let me take you in hand and guide you to understanding your destiny and spiritual purpose.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

History & Lore ~ Ruby

New Ruby History & Lore
The ancient writers described ruby as having the power of shining in the absence of all light, the fact being the ruby becomes phosphorescent by being exposed to the sun.  Ruby is spoken of in the book of Job, in the Proverbs and the Bible.  The breast plate of the high priest is said to have had rubies set in it.  It is a crystal steeped deeply in history, since rubies have adorned many houses of royalty with its rich, passionate, fiery brilliance.  It was also a crystal mentioned by the Prophet Isaiah in his book of prophecy.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within ~ Ruby

It is July!
If you were born this month you are a Radiant Ruby!

Ruby " The Stone Of Energy Personified"

I am the lifeblood of creativity & breath of purposeful movement. Act with intention & watch the world open as you share your light.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within ~ Pearl

 Pearls ~ History & Lore

Cultured or freshwater pearls are considered to offer the power of love, money, protection, and luck. Pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience, to quicken the laws of karma and to cement engagements and love relationships. They are thought to keep children safe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Native American Animal Symbol June 21 ~ July 21

Native American Animal Symbol

Woodpecker: Jun 21 - Jul 21
Woodpeckers are usually the most nuturing of all the Native American animal symbols. The consummate listener, totally empathic and understanding, the Woodpecker is the one to have on your side when you need support. Of course, they make wonderful parents, and equally wonderful friends and partners. Another proverbial feather in the Woodpeckers cap is the tendency to be naturally frugal, resourceful, and organized. In a nurturing environment the Woodpecker is of course caring, devoted, and very romantic. Left to his/her own devices the Woodpecker can be possessive, angry, jealous, and spiteful.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

If you were born this month you are a Precious Pearl

  Pearl  " Ocean Magic "
I am the symbol of integrity, purity, and grace.  If you choose to live with intensity, commitment and love, then I will be your symbol of self- awareness, for I effuse you with emotional growth and readiness.

Friday, May 30, 2014

An Inspirational Fairy Tale

Into the Light 
Celeste, a young woman caught in a web of abuse and self- destruction, finds herself visited by a very beautiful and powerful fairy, Queen Brighid the Bright. The fairy queen has come to guide Celeste to the truth about herself and her life so that Celeste may finally step into the light and follow her destiny.

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Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within


The first known emerald mines were in Egypt, dating from at least 330 BC into the 1700s. Cleopatra was known to have a passion for emerald, and used it in her royal adornments.
Emeralds from what is now Colombia were part of the plunder when sixteenth-century Spanish explorers invaded the New World. The Incas had already been using emeralds in their jewelry and religious ceremonies for 500 years. The Spanish, who treasured gold and silver far more than gems, traded emeralds for precious metals. Their trades opened the eyes of European and Asian royalty to emerald’s majesty.

Emerald is the most famous member of the beryl family. Legends endowed the wearer with the ability to foresee the future when emerald was placed under the tongue, as well as to reveal truth and be protected against evil spells. Emerald was once also believed to cure diseases like cholera and malaria. Wearing an emerald was believed to reveal the truth or falseness of a lover’s oath as well as make one an eloquent speaker.

Legend also states that emerald was one of the four precious stones given by God to King Solomon. These four stones were said to have endowed the king with power over all creation.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Native American Animal Symbol

May 21 - June 20

This Native American animal symbol is the muse of the zodiac. The Deer is inspiring lively and quick-witted. With a tailor-made humor, the Deer has a tendency to get a laugh out of anyone. Excellent ability for vocalizing, the Deer is a consummate conversationalist. This combined with his/her natural intelligence make the Deer a must-have guest at dinner parties. Always aware of his/her surroundings, and even more aware of his/her appearance, the Deer can be a bit self-involved. However, the Deer's narcissism is overlooked because of his/her congeniality and affability. In a supportive environment the Deer's natural liveliness and sparkly personality radiate even more. He/she is an inspiring force in any nurturing relationship. Left to his/her own devices the Deer can be selfish, moody, impatient, lazy, and two-faced.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stone Magic ~ Emerald History & Lore

If you were born this month you are an Exotic Emerald!

Emerald" The Stone Of Divine Love "
I guard your heart's essence. I compel you to function at your highest level ensuring that you walk an illuminated path with the brilliance of love as your guide.

Emerald’s lush green has soothed souls and excited imaginations since antiquity. Its name comes from the ancient Greek word for green, “smaragdus.” Rome’s Pliny the Elder described emerald in his Natural History, published in the first century AD: “…nothing greens greener” was his verdict. He described the use of emerald by early lapidaries, who “have no better method of restoring their eyes than by looking at the emerald, its soft, green color comforting and removing their weariness and lassitude.” Even today, the color green is known to relieve stress and eye strain.

There are other green gems, like tourmaline and peridot, but emerald is the one that’s always associated with the lushest landscapes and the richest greens. Ireland is the Emerald Isle. Seattle, in the US state of Washington, is the Emerald City. Thailand’s most sacred religious icon is called the Emerald Buddha, even though it’s carved from green jadeite.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

In Memory of our Mother and Grandmother ~ Lou Anne Johnson

In Memory of My Mother

The Lovely Lou Anne

By Cathy Collar

You reveled in the beauty of the world around,
The sweet fragrance of hyacinths, as they pierce the ground.
The brightly colored daffodils, bobbing toward the sun.
The robin and the meadow lark, when their song is sung.
Turkey, quail, and raccoon, fed in your backyard.
On the creek the beavers worked so diligent and hard.
At the dawn, or at the dusk, a deer might shyly tread
To graze among the blossom growing in the flower bed.
Horses prancing,  pawing, neighing, running just for fun,
The wonder of the sunset, when the day is done.
As ashes drift with the breeze and settle to the ground,
The beauty of your soul enhances everything around.
We’ll hear your laughter in the song, the birds sing everyday.
We’ll see your grace and beauty through the creatures as they play.
And in the haven by the creek, which you have chosen well,
Eternally your soul will keep and your memory will dwell. CLC
I Love & Miss You Mom

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stone Magic

Diamond History & Lore

Diamond History and Lore

A diamond has to go through a lot before it reaches the jeweler’s display case. It forms deep in the earth under extreme heat and pressure. It’s ejected violently upward until it arrives at or near the earth’s surface. It’s forced from its hiding place by nature or by man. Then it’s cleaved and cut and polished until its natural beauty shines through.

The world’s love of diamonds had its start in India, where diamonds were gathered from the country’s rivers and streams. Some historians estimate that India was trading in diamonds as early as the fourth century BC. The country’s resources yielded limited quantities for an equally limited market: India’s very wealthy classes. Gradually, though, this changed. Indian diamonds found their way, along with other exotic merchandise, to Western Europe in the caravans that traveled to Venice’s medieval markets. By the 1400s, diamonds were becoming fashionable accessories for Europe’s elite.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

April is Here with all her Splender!
If you were born this month you are a Dazzling Diamond!
Diamond  “The Stone Of New Beginnings” I heal emotional and mental pain reducing fear and bringing about new beginnings.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

 Aquamarine History & Lore

"Image courtesy of" 

Writers of the middle Ages claimed aquamarine was the most popular and effective of the “oracle” crystals. When cut as a crystal ball, it was thought to be a superior stone for fortune telling. Many methods of using the stone as a divining tool were described in ancient literature. One method involved hanging a stone by a thread over a bowl of water, just touching the surface. The inner edge of the bowl was covered with the characters of the alphabet. The diviner was to hold the top of the thread and allow the stone to hit certain letters, which would spell out answers to an important question, sort of like a ouija board. Another method was to cast a crystal into a bowl of pure water. The disturbances in the water would reveal messages on the surface of the liquid. Aquamarine’s powers of revelation were also said to help one in search for lost or hidden things.
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Native American Animal Symbol

                             FALCON ~

Mar 21 - Apr 19
A natural born leader, the Falcon can always be looked upon for clear judgment in sticky situations. Furthermore, the characteristics for this Native American animal symbol never wastes time, rather he/she strikes while the iron is hot, and takes action in what must be done. Ever persistent, and always taking the initiative, the Falcon is a gem of a personality to have for projects or team sports. The Falcon can be a little on the conceited side - but he/she is usually right in his/her opinions - so a little arrogance is understood. In a supportive environmental the Falcon "soars" in his/her ability to maintain passion and fire in relationships, and always remaining compassionate. Left to his/her own devices, the Falcon can be vain, rude, intolerant, impatient, and over-sensitive.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

Stampeding through rocks of Turquoise and purple waves, this stallion will heal your spirit through his shaman's stone.
Mystique Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within
Stampeding through rocks of Turquoise and purple waves, this stallion will heal your spirit through his shaman's stone. Designed By Cathy Lea Collar
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