Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stone Magic ~ Opals

Opal History and Legends

The Sanskrit word for opal, Upala means " precious stone"; and early Latin word was Opalus and the Greek Opallios both mean "to see a change (of colour)".  In medieval times, opals were known as "ophthalmus lapis" or "ophthalmios".
 These ancient races claimed that opal had magical qualities and aided its wearer in seeing limitless possibilities. They believed opals clarified, amplified and mirrored feelings, buried emotions and desires. Opals were thought to lessen inhibitions and promote spontaneity. 

'The Red Heart of Australia'
A solid black opal from Lightning Ridge
  The early Greeks believed the opal bestowed powers of foresight and prophecy upon its owner. Onomacritus, a Greek poet wrote: “the delicate color and tenderness of the opal reminded him of a loving and beautiful child”. 
 Arabic folklore says opals fell from heaven in flashes of lightning. 
 The Orientals referred to opals as “the anchor of hope” and considered opal a symbol of purity and thought that the wearer of the gem was protected from illness.

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