Friday, September 28, 2018

Lapis Lazuli History & Lore

Lapis lazuli has been used in jewelry, carvings and amulets for thousands of years. It is a stone prized for its intense blue color. The name Lapis Lazuli comes from the Arabic word lazward, from which the word azure comes, which means blue. Ancient Romans used to call it "sapphires," which was subsequently applied to the blue variety of corundum we know today as sapphire. Egyptians regarded lapis lazuli as a heavenly stone and often used it on the statues of their gods and in burial masks, as protection for the next life. 

The stone has been used in many famous pieces throughout history, including the mask of Tutankhanem, or King Tut. Egyptians used lapis lazuli for cylindrical seals. Sumerians, the supreme lapis lovers of antiquity, were willing to spend years traveling from one end of Asia to the other, on mining expeditions for the gem. In fact, the stone was mentioned in their 2650 BC epic of Gilgamesh. During the middle ages, ruling class art patrons demanded that painters use blue paint that was made from blue lapis. Men of less means had to tolerate cheaper blue pigments made from indigo or copper.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Daring Destiny - Coming Soon!

A new mystical novella: Daring Destiny will start on October 9th!!

Rainy Summerfield has always trusted her gut, even when she reads the cards. But nothing can prepare her for a reading filled with dread as she sees her own death. With a younger sister to take care of, Rainy has no other choice but to take her destiny in her own hands and save herself.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Before Quail Crossings is LIVE!

Dream On will be back on Friday, September 7th as we celebrate the release of Jennifer McMurrain's newest release:

Believing that family is forever, the Brewer family have always been a tight-knit bunch, until a bad investment takes their family to a desolate ranch in Tucket, TX, just before the trying times of the Great Depression. One look at the barren land and the Brewer children find their lives changed forever. With their money gone, their father only finds the will to lift a bottle, while their mother folds herself into hatred. Their lives drastically different, the Brewer children must fight to stay together or be swept away with the dust of the Depression.

Before Quail Crossings: The Lost Years gives readers a sneak peek into the lives of the Brewer Children before they find sanctuary at Quail Crossings. This novella is a prequel to book 1 of the Quail Crossings series; Quail Crossings, Return to Quail Crossings, Missing Quail Crossings, and Forever Quail Crossings can all be found on Amazon or where other fine books are sold.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September Birthstone

It is September! If you were born this month, you are a Sexy Sapphire or Lovely Lapis Lazuli! 

Sapphire "The Stone Of Inner Spirit" 
As a star of the skies brought to Earth, I blend with you to initiate the awakening of your intuitive senses.

Lapis Lazuli " The Stone Of Proclamation " 
With my beautiful cosmic blue color, I contact your spirit guardians to protect you. It is also my duty to instill upon you the power of words. Use them to teach and heal those who have not found their voice.

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