Thursday, September 25, 2014


Sapphire Lore

Sapphire in the Bible

The Latin term for sapphire is, sapphire; in Hebrew, it is sappir. Ancient texts refer to sapphire as a blue stone, which means that its characteristics were at times confused with lapis lazuli. Sapphire is listed as the second foundation stone in Revelations XXI: "Its color is similar to that of a clear sky; struck by the rays of the sun, it sends forth, burning, a flash of lightening, signifying the hope by which we are carried off to heaven." The gem is associated with the apostle, St. Paul by the eleventh century bishop, Andreas of Caesarea. Pope Innocent II had his bishops wear sapphire rings.

The color of sapphire, blue, is associated with divine law, order and structure. Consider who is wearing blue uniforms even today. Dark blue represents a law. Sapphire can protect from curses or the "evil eye" which confuses or distorts the way. If we become toxic it is surely partly because we do not have clear vision of the proper order of things. 

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