Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prayers & Angels

Briley Update

Briley's last clinic appointment went just fine. Bryson also went with us and I think it helps Briley having little brother there with her. Briley is getting very good about not crying when her port gets accessed! We saw a little boy there that we haven't seen since our first month of treatment. He had AML and is doing very good! It is very encouraging to see kids conquering this awful diesease.
Briley is doing very well and acting like a normal 4 year old should. Even though her and Bryson cannot go to daycare yet, we have decided to let her attend dance class and "church school". She needs to get out and be a kid. But I'm sure the first time she gets sick, that will be the end of that. She will still have to be hospitalized for a week at Cooks if she gets sick. We will still be "on guard" for signs of sickness and if anyone around appears to be sick.
Most other kids that have been around Briley have adapted well with her lack of hair. This was a concern of ours and still is. A couple of kids have asked "did you get a new haircut"? We laughed and explain and that was all that was every said about it. We took Briley to the mall a few days ago. She was wearing her mask the whole time and a young boy asked "where did your hair go"? The parents immediately started apologizing. We told them not to apologize, kids are naturally curious and are not afraid to ask. However, Briley did have one girl say "your hair looks funny" and said this over and over with her mom standing right there. Mom said something to her daughter, but this did not phase her and she continued to say that her hair looks funny. I know kids are kids and that she meant no harm, but we were dissappointed that mom didn't do more about the situation. This really hurt Briley's feelings and that's all she talked about that night.
I think that if you explain to the kids first about her hair situation then they will understand and move on. This worked very well with the kids at dance and not a one of them said a thing about it.
Briley's next appointment will be on the 19th. It will be a short (hopefully) visit for the vincristine and MT. Only 3 more clinic visits until Maintenance!

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