Friday, April 10, 2020

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 36

A brilliant light blazed across the skies like a shooting star in the middle of the day. It landed on the mass and exploded, knocking Elise and everyone else off their feet.
Elise rolled over and shielded her eyes, just in time to see a giant black spider crawl away from the light right before the back mass seemed to be vacuumed into the unknown.

Chapter 12

Elise laid her head on the sidewalk, thankful for it’s coolness. The mass was gone. She was sure the banishing spell had worked and that was one thing they wouldn’t have to worry about again.
Her mind turned to Cage as she heard the grunts and groans of a fight still raging. She wanted to get to her feet and help, but her body felt trained of life and her body felt disconnected to the demands that she stand up.
A face popped in front of Elise and at first all she could see was bright orange hair.
“Elise?” the orange hair repeated.
Elise made her eyes focus on the face attached to the hair. It was Pammy.
“Are you okay? What can I do?” asked Pammy. She held up Roark in her hands. “I have your friend. He’s tired but okay. How can we help?”
Elise tried to smile as the picture of the prissy Pammy holding the giant spider seemed incredibly comical to her. She heard an anguished cry.
“Cage?” Elise whispered, again trying to rise.
“He’s okay,” said Pammy, placing a gentle hand on Elise’s shoulder keeping her down. “Stay still for a moment. Ms. Welch hit that Paul guy with her walker and he fell like an old man. Turns out when you banished that horrible black thing, Paul’s magic went with it. He’s now just a man.”
“The cry?” stated Elise, furrowing her brow. “The groans?”
“All from Paul,” said Pammy, “Cage has him locked in a head lock while the mayor ran to get the handcuffs from his office, Lord knows why he has handcuffs. The sheriff has been called, but you know it takes them forever to get to the valley.” Pammy clicked her tongue as if disappointed. “It appears Paul is throwing a hissy fit over losing.”
Elise couldn’t help but chuckle as she heard Paul snarling at Cage. “You’re a disgrace to your kind. I can’t believe you’d live here and let her live. I taught you better. You’re a failure.”
“And you’re going to jail for attempted murder,” said Cage. “We have quite a few witness that saw you attack our very own librarian.”
“Not to mention our new innkeeper,” said Ms. Welch. “Two counts of attempted murder should keep you in prison until you shrivel up and die.”
“But don’t worry,” said Cage, “now that Mozath has been banished and you can’t feed off his magic or the magic here in Apple Hill, I’m sure you’ll shrivel up and die much sooner than anyone expects. I’m sure Lucifer will be thrilled to get his hands on you.”
Paul’s eyes widened. “No, you can’t. I was your mentor. Let me stay here with you. I won’t cause any trouble I swear.”
“I would love to trust you, even put in a good word on your behalf,” said Cage allowing Mayor Garver to put the handcuffs on Paul, “but as my teacher taught me … trust no one, especially a fool who plays with dark magic.”
Paul screamed again as Cage pulled him to his feet and led him toward City Hall where they would meet the sheriff.

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