Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 35

A flash of black followed the swarm in causing Elise to blink hard and focused on the black mass. At first she thought the fog had come back to aid Paul, but as the figure took form she realized it was not the dangerous mist, but a demonic looking humanoid that was fighting Paul, not helping him.
It took Elise only a moment to realize who the humanoid was, it was someone who had been by her side constantly, but she had only seen his true form once. It was Roark.
 The swarm dispersed as Roark picked up the fight. Elise couldn’t help but flinch every time Paul landed a hard blow to Roark’s body. She knew her familiar could handle a lot, but worried the cursed Paul might be more than Roark had signed up for.
Her fingers twitched as her mind turned to sunlight. She knew her brain wouldn’t be able to form the words as quickly as she needed to cast spells, so she turned to pictures.
A blazing sun for light. The townsfolk for courage. Cage for hunting prey. Roark for chivalry. A heart for love.
Her hands thrust forward as light streamed from her fingers once again, hitting Paul and knocking him off balance. He stumbled backwards, before opening his mouth in a cry that released the black mass again.
Elise fought back her own cry as the black mass swallowed Roark in its fog. She trained all her light, energy, and magic on the mass, hoping to keep Roark from being swallowed whole. Her heart just about jumped out of her chest from joy as she watched Ernest pull Dorothea from the black mass as they escaped through one of the holes her white magic was causing.
Rosemary hurried toward them, helping them to distance themselves from the black fog. Elise stepped closer to the mass and pushed her magic harder hoping to form a big enough hole for Roark to find his way out as well.
She saw Paul out of the corner of her eye as he started toward her in a run. Keeping her light trained on the black mass she braced herself for impact, hoping Roark could escape before Paul barreled into her.
Elise felt a presence to her side and realized the townspeople had once again lined up, this time to build a human wall between her and Paul.
“She has to keep that light going or we’ll all die,” yelled Ms. Welch. “Protect our witch!”
“No,” she screamed to the people, feeling the determination surrounding her as well as their love. “He’ll kill you!”
Elise felt her head spinning, waiting for Paul to pummel into the people she had grown to love, whether she would allow herself to admit it or not. Another flash of color seemed to envelope Paul and Elise realized it was Cage.
A bit of relief for the town’s people flooded her and she turned all her attention to the mass.
“This is a town of love and light. Together we will stand and fight. Be gone I say, for the last time. Be gone I say, for your crimes. I banish you to the pits of hell, and there forever you will dwell.”
A brilliant light blazed across the skies like a shooting star in the middle of the day. It landed on the mass and exploded, knocking Elise and everyone else off their feet.
Elise rolled over and shielded her eyes, just in time to see a giant black spider crawl away from the light right before the back mass seemed to be vacuumed into the unknown.

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