Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Think Like A Child: Guest Post by Drive By Journal

Think Like A Child

  Good evening, I would like to thank
Anna's Legacy for inviting me to do this guest post.
 Anna is my sister and it is her spirit that lives
 through all that we do.  She spread love and
cheer to all around her and we hope
 to do the same in her honor.

 Do you remember that old saying
"as a child I thought like a child"?
 Maybe we should go back and try
to remember how to think
 like children do. As we regain our
 innocence and let go
of some of the worries of the day we
slip into a beautiful
 place of peace, harmony, imagination
and just maybe hope.
 As I am at my Grandmother's house for a visit.
I am transported back in time to
when we used to hide under the wild roses,
climbed trees and picked apples for homemade apple butter.
We rode our bikes up and down the lane and
 rainbows were God saying hello.
   As I watch my sister Jennifer and
 brother-in-law Mike with their new baby
 I know that they will experience those days
through the eyes of their daughter
and it makes me happy. When was the last time that you
 thought like a child?
Today's song of the day: Somewhere Over the Rainbow -
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole
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