Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 17

Dorothea frowned. She was doing what Elise had asked of her and now Elise was making excuses for her haunting. Before she could do anything else thought, she felt a small tug on her sleeve and knew it was Rosemary gliding past her. Dorothea followed Rosemary’s trail into the small den where the mayor liked to watch TV as the mayor led Elise into his office.
“What’s going on?” Dorothea whispered.
“We think there’s a hunter in town,” said Rosemary, cutting right to the chase. “And he could kill us all!”

Elise followed the mayor into his office and sat down in the chair opposite his desk.
“Sorry I’m so frazzled,” he said. “Now how can I help you with Mr. Martin?”
“I want to know more about him,” said Elise.
“Why not ask him?” Mayor Garver folded his arms over his chest as if keeping a secret.
Elise smiled at the mayor. “Because I trust your judgement on people and I know you’re just dying to tell someone about this mystery new resident of Apple Hill.”
She waved her finger in a small circle. “Just the truth and you’ll be fine. I promise you won’t cross a line. But if you do, we’ll work it out, remember it’s you with all the clout.”
Mayor Garver’s eyes glazed over for a moment as the spell took hold and then looked at Elise. “You know, at first I wasn’t sure about him.”
“Why is that?” asked Elise as she felt Rosemary and Dorothea enter the room without showing themselves to the mayor.
“He didn’t want to go through the proper channels,” answered Mayor Garver. “You know we always bring up new businesses at the Town Hall meetings. I know I don’t have to do that, but I like getting the people’s input, but he brought up that he could open even without the town’s consent. It’s true, it’s just that we’ve never had anyone go against the town before. I mean, what good would it do a business to open if the town didn’t want it there?”
“So you gave him the permits?” asked Elise.
“I had to,” said Mayor Garver, “he was right. Legally, there was no reason to withhold them. The part of town he lives in is both residential and commercial, plus we’ve allowed in-home businesses for about a decade now. He had the proper insurance for renters and assured me that he’d see to it that his patrons were suitable and didn’t come and mess the place up. He really wants to cater to locals who have visitors, so I didn’t see the harm.”
“What do you know about him personally?” asked Elise.
The mayor shrugged. “He’s very charming, even when he was telling me I couldn’t stop him from opening his bed and breakfast, he was so darn nice about it that I didn’t want to stop him. Honestly, he made me feel as if we had been life-long friends.”
“This next question is going to sound a little strange,” said Elise.
“This whole day has been strange, Elise,” the mayor said honestly. “I shouldn’t be telling you any of this and I’m just blabbering on, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I mean, I’m the mayor, it’s not like this information is confidential.”
“I won’t share, pinky promise,” said Elise. “After your meetings with Cage Martin, did you ever feel sick? A headache? Upset stomach?”
“Not at all,” said Mayor Garver. His cell phone rang and the mayor looked at it briefly. “I’m sorry I have to take this.”
“No worries,” said Elise, “thanks for talking with me. I’ll see myself out.”
Elise rose and walked toward the front door. Dorothea hurried to her side. “Elise, you haven’t taken your truth spell off the mayor.”
“I know,” said Elise with a smirk. “I think it’s high time our politicians had to be honest, don’t you?”

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