Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 15

She shook the sad thought away. She couldn’t worry about other magical families losing their spell books right now. If she had a hunter in her town, then she needed to be prepared.
“Elise, you have to talk to me,” said Rosemary.
“No, she doesn’t,” said Ernest floating into the secret library. “If there’s a hunter here she needs to get rid of him and fast. He’ll kill her and us, so to speak, if she doesn’t do something.”
“Then why didn’t he kill us the other day when he was in here?” asked Rosemary. “We were all off-guard, it would have been easy for him.”
Roark jumped onto the shelf and growled letting Rosemary know that he had been very much on-guard.
“You’re both right,” said Elise. “I’ve gotten careless over the years. The spells around the valley have kept paranormal beings, aside from witches, away, but nothing that prohibits humans, whether they be hunters or not.”
She looked through her shelves hoping that one of the many in her collection would have some answers for her.
“Hunters come when you give them reason to,” she continued. “I haven’t given hunters reason to invade Apple Hill and neither have you three.” She pointed to Ernest and Rosemary. “Where’s Dorothea?”
“She went to the Garvers,” said Ernest, “to haunt.”
“Oh no,” said Elise, “if she goes all poltergeist on him now, the hunter will have a reason to hurt her.”
“We all know Dorothea only went over there to be closer to the mayor because she’s sweet on him,” said Ernest. “She wouldn’t give the hunter cause to salt her.”
“That’s the very problem,” said Elise nibbling on a fingernail. “We don’t know why he’s here, so we don’t know what cause he’ll need. He might just be looking for a single reason and we can’t let Dorothea’s crush on the mayor be that reason.” She looked at her books, then shook her head. “I’ll have to research his name later. For now, we can’t take the chance. I have to go to the mayor’s house and get Dorothea before it’s too late.”

Dorothea hoovered over Mayor Garver as he worked at his desk in his home office. She was careful to be quiet and to not let her full apparition show.
She had been a ghost long enough to know how her energy worked. She could disappear when she wanted and appear when she wanted. As she watched the mayor with his thick white hair, cherubic cheeks with just a hint of a glow, and his brow furrowed just a bit as he concentrated she had to fight the urge to show herself.
She just knew if he saw her, he’d be smitten too. They could love each other for a lifetime and then some. Once he passed they could haunt City Hall together and help Elise as she rid the town of the founders.
Dorothea felt a frown cross her mouth. Would Elise let Mayor Garver stay as a ghost? Would he even want to be a part of a curse that had driven his ancestors crazy for almost a century?
She wasn’t sure about the last part, but her heart told her if the mayor saw her, he’d love her, just as she loved him.
The thought of love made her giggle and she let it escape on the air so it could be heard by the mayor. He looked up with a start and hurried to the window. Dorothea giggled again, knowing he was looking outside for a source of the laughter.
Mayor Garver shook his head as sat back down.
“You’re hearing things old man,” he said to himself as he sat down behind the desk again.
Dorothea felt a tingle of nervous energy flow from the mayor and knew it was time to kick it up a notch. She might be in love with him, but she was loyal to Elise. Her job now was to haunt, the mayor could fall in love with her later.

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