Friday, December 13, 2019

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 16

Mayor Garver shook his head as sat back down.
“You’re hearing things old man,” he said to himself as he sat down behind the desk again.
Dorothea felt a tingle of nervous energy flow from the mayor and knew it was time to kick it up a notch. She might be in love with him, but she was loyal to Elise. Her job now was to haunt, the mayor could fall in love with her later.
She walked over to the bookcase and looked at the globe. There were so many places she longed to see. Maybe she and the mayor could travel the world together once they were entwined as spirits. She focused her energy on the globe and made it spin slowly.
The mayor looked over and she let out another audible giggle as his eyes widened. Mayor Garver slowly got to his feet and walk to the globe. Dorothea floated back so he would step through her. That was a sensation that would send shivers down both their spines and she absolutely hated it when people walked through her.
He held up hand above the globe as if trying to find a current of air that would explain why the globe had turned on its own. Dorothea glided to the desk and brushed a stack of papers with her hand, sending them floating through the air and giggled again as the mayor’s face turned as white as his hair.
Just as she was about to make a pencil swirl around on his desk a brisk knock pounded on the front door, making the mayor shout out in surprise.
“Coming!” he yelled as if his life depended on seeing another person at his door. “Coming!”
Dorothea followed him to the front door, hoping it was another founder to scare and was surprised to see Elise standing there. She couldn’t see Rosemary, but she could feel her presents. There was only one reason Rosemary would leave the library and that was because she had to.
“Mayor, good you’re home,” said Elise. “I was hoping we could talk about the innkeeper, Cage Martin.”
“Of course, please come in,” said the mayor a little too quickly and Dorothea giggled again knowing it was because he was too frightened to be alone. “Did you hear that?”
“Hear what?” asked Elise, shooting her eyes in Dorothea’s direction with a look that plead Dorothea to stop for just a moment.
Mayor Garver shook his head. “Giggling. I keep hearing giggling.”
“Oh,” said Elise with a smile, “the Anderson kids are playing hide-and-seek around the neighborhood. I bet you heard them.”
“Yes, of course,” said the mayor looking a bit relieved.
Dorothea frowned. She was doing what Elise had asked of her and now Elise was making excuses for her haunting. Before she could do anything else thought, she felt a small tug on her sleeve and knew it was Rosemary gliding past her. Dorothea followed Rosemary’s trail into the small den where the mayor liked to watch TV as the mayor led Elise into his office.
“What’s going on?” Dorothea whispered.
“We think there’s a hunter in town,” said Rosemary, cutting right to the chase. “And he could kill us all!”

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