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Dream On ~ Chapter 9

Chapter 9

“Is Cordel coming over today?” asked Molly as she looked at her watch.
“He said he’d be running a little late,” said Arlyn, “but yes, he’ll be here.”
Molly cocked her head. “Oh, so off schedule?”
“Gave me time to have tea with you didn’t it,” said Arlyn with a wink.
“Touché. How’s the book coming?” asked Molly.
“I’m really getting to know him,” said Arlyn, and she couldn’t help but smile.
“What is this?” asked Molly, pointing at Arlyn and waving her finger around as if to trace her face. “What is happening here?”
Arlyn shrugged. “Are you asking me as my boss or my friend?”
Molly twisted her mouth. “I’m going to go with friend first, but with a hint of boss.”
“We kissed last night,” said Arlyn with a giggle. “He came over with a movie and I fell asleep in his lap. I woke and he was caressing my hair, and then we kissed.”
Molly nodded slowly but didn’t smile.
“Don’t worry, it won’t affect my work,” assured Arlyn. “We are both professionals and the book will be done on time.”
“Oh honey,” said Molly, “I’m not worried about the book. I’m worried about your heart.”
“My heart?” Arlyn shook her head. “My heart is happy.”
“Of course it is,” said Molly. “Cordel is a handsome man and even though I’ve seen him have some jerk moments, I believe he’s a good guy, but hun.”
“What?” Arlyn could hear the snap in her voice. She wanted her friend to be happy for her, but Molly seemed anything but.
“Don’t be mad with me,” said Molly. “I’m just trying to be a voice of reason and this is strictly your friend talking here. The boss went to the next room to hyperventilate the minute you said you kissed a client.”
“Okay,” said Arlyn. “I’ll listen.”
“Cordel Foster is a known playboy,” said Molly. “I know you don’t watch television, but I do. He’s never seen with the same girl at events covered by the media. He’s never been known to have a steady girlfriend. He just kind of plays the field.”
“Molly, we just kissed,” argued Arlyn. “I’m not looking to walk the red carpet with him.”
“That’s the other thing, Arlyn,” said Molly. “He lives a life that is very much in the public eye and you are very much the opposite. He has to go to premiers and red carpet events. It is expected of him by his studio and producers. He has to remain popular and he has to continue to do his show, which means he travels a lot. You’ll hardly ever see him and that’s why I’m afraid for you heart.”
Arlyn laughed awkwardly. “Molly you’re acting like we’re about to get married. We just kissed. Why don’t you hold off and getting the divorce papers ready for now.”
She got up and took her mug to the sink. As she rinsed it out she thought about what Molly had said. Maybe getting into a relationship with Cordel wasn’t the smartest move, at least not until the book was finished. By then he might not even want to kiss her any longer, after he found out how boring she was. Her heart ached at the thought, but Molly was right. She couldn’t get carried away with Cordel Foster.


“Good morning, beautiful,” said Cordel as Arlyn opened the door to apartment to let him in. “I’m afraid I’ve been a bad boy. I brought donuts.”
Arlyn smiled. “I’ve already eaten, but have at it.”
“Are you sure you won’t be tempted by me eating this yummy ring of heavenly fried dough, slathered in icing?”
“I’m not even sure how you can eat that after all the Chinese food and popcorn we ate yesterday,” said Arlyn.
“Well,” said Cordel walking to the table. “It takes a lot of carbs to keep this machine going, as long as I’m not being insensitive to your cravings …”
“No,” said Arlyn with a shake of her head. “I’m a narcoleptic, not an addict. Your donut consumption is not insensitive in the slightest.”
“Okay,” said Cordel taking out a chocolate covered donut and sitting at the table to eat it. “Where do we start today boss?”
Arlyn handed him a napkin. “I think we’ll start by clearing the air.”
“I like the air,” said Cordel, “it smells like fried heaven.”
“We’ve established you like donuts,” said Arlyn, taking the seat across from him. “I would like to talk about last night and the kissing.”
He gave her a smile. “We could talk about it or we could do it again. I vote for the latter.”
“Cordel,” she said, “we can’t. That was very unprofessional of me last night. I crossed a line by agreeing to the movie marathon and then again with kissing you. We need to make sure this book comes first and, well, a tryst would be a distraction from that.”
“A tryst huh?” Cordel shook his head as he laughed softly.
“You know what I mean,” said Arlyn. “We need to remain professional.”
“Until we are done with the book,” said Cordel.
“In general,” said Arlyn, “after this book comes out, you’ll be busy promoting it and your new season. So we just keep it casual and professional, forget last night happened, and make this book a success.”
“Okay,” said Cordel, finishing his donut. “You’ve got a point, but I would like to change it up just a bit.”
“How so?” asked Arlyn.
“Instead of a broad no tryst agreement, I think we should, as you said, finish this book without any hanky panky.”
“Hanky panky, huh?” Now it was Arlyn’s turn to laugh softly.
“You get to use tryst, I get to use hanky panky.”
“Fair enough.”
“Okay,” continued Cordel. “So no hanky panky, until the book is out of our hands.”
“Which could be up to a year,” said Arlyn. “I know they’d like it to be out in six months, but stuff happens.”
“I know how it works,” said Cordel, “my change is that we keep an open mind. We the book is not a factor we just see where this takes us.”
Arlyn sighed. She knew the relationship couldn’t take them anywhere. He would be off traveling the world and she would still be in her apartment, following her routine, watching him eat donuts, when she wanted nothing more than to devour one herself. He would be going to galas, balls, and making public appearances, while she sat in the shadows working on another book for another client. They lived in two different worlds.
“Arlyn?” Cordel cocked his head.
“Fine,” she said. “I’ll keep an open mind. Most likely you’ll grow sick of me during this interview and it won’t even be a factor.”
“Oh, I’m already planning our first date,” said Cordel.
Arlyn tapped her watch. “It’s time to work, so keep your promise.”
Cordel held up his Boy Scout salute, “I promise.”
They spent the rest of the day talking about Cordel and his early life as an adventurer. They had agreed that even though parts of his childhood would be mixed in, the main story was about his current life and how he made his adventures in cryptozoololgy a resounding television success.
“So I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Arlyn. “We made excellent progress today. Thank you for staying focused.”
She opened the door and was surprised to see Cordel’s driver standing outside of it a bouquet of flowers in his hand.
“Thank you,” said Cordel as he took the flowers. “I’ll be right down.”
He handed the bouquet to Arlyn as a sweet aroma filled the air coming from the small white trumpets. He pulled one delicately from the group and intertwined it in Arlyn’s hair. “These are for you. Their honeysuckles, my mother used to grow them. You can actually take this bouquet and start your own vine back there on your patio.”
“Thank you,” said Arlyn, “but you really shouldn’t have. This isn’t exactly professional.”
“Just a little symbol of my appreciate of you,” said Cordel. He stepped out the door and then turned abruptly. “Oh and there may or may not be a folklore that those who wear the honeysuckle flowers will dream of their true love.”
He gave her a wink, before walking down the hallway.
Arlyn shook her head and then reached up to take the flower out of her hair. She stopped herself, smiled, and went to go take her nap, wondering if she would dream of Cordel.

Chapter 10

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