Friday, April 27, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 10

He walked over as she opened the door. “So you’re really kicking me out?”
“Yes,” she said with a nod.
He rubbed his hand over his jaw. “I don’t think I’ve ever been kicked out before.”
“Well looky there,” said Arlyn with a smile. “It’s a brand new adventure for you.”
 She closed the door, the look of shock still on Cordel’s face. She half expected him to knock on the door and fire her, but he didn’t. She felt her body grow tired and knew she needed her bed. Her legs grew sluggish and she knew she wouldn’t make it to the bedroom, so she settled for the couch.
As she placed her head on the decorative pillow and pulled the throw blanket over her, she hoped Molly wouldn’t be mad or get fired when Cordel cancelled his contract.

Chapter Four

Arlyn stared at her phone the next morning as she drank her coffee. She had expected Molly to call upset because Arlyn had treated Cordel so rudely. The truth was he really got under her skin, so much so that she had slept more than sixteen hours. Usually, her schedule kept her from doing that, but when her body was taxed it slept.
Sighing she picked up her phone and dialed Molly.
“Arlyn!” Molly’s voice was cheerful and way too peppy for just after eight in the morning. “I expected to hear from you last night, but I’m glad you called. How did yesterday go with Cordel Foster? Was it amazing?”
“It was something,” mumbled Arlyn. She bit her lip. “So he hasn’t called or spoken to anyone at the office?”
“No,” said Molly and Arlyn could hear the hesitation in her voice. “Why? What happened?”
“We didn’t exactly hit it off,” said Arlyn.
“Oh no,” sighed Molly, “is he a complete jerk. You know they say you should never meet your heroes. They’re never what you expect.”
“It wasn’t just him,” confessed Arlyn. “He was late and I wasn’t very nice about it. We kind of started the whole thing off …” she thought of his words. “… well off on the wrong foot. I kind of expected him to call and complain about me and I was afraid I had gotten you in trouble. I’m sorry, I know how much this means to you Molly. I’ll do better, if he comes back today.”
“You mean, when he comes back,” said Molly.
“You’re being optimistic,” said Arlyn.
Arlyn could almost hear Molly shaking her head. “No, I’m being realistic. First, he asked for you and fought for you to write this book. He’s not just going to give that up because you two clashed on the first day. I can tell this means a lot to him and he only wants the best and you are the best. Egos aside, both of yours, I just have a feeling that you two are going to make an amazing team.”
“I really do hope you’re right,” said Arlyn. There was a knock at the door. “Gotta go, that’s either Cordel or my pink slip.”
Molly laughed. “Call me later.”
Arlyn hurried to the door. She opened it and bit back a laugh. Cordel was standing in front of her on one foot and holding the biggest back of baby carrots she had ever seen.
He smiled and gestured to his foot. “Starting on the right foot today.”
Arlyn let herself smile. “Thank you for being on time. Please come in.”
He crossed the threshold, bowed his head, and held out the carrots in a dramatic gesture. “I acted like a complete jerk yesterday. Truth is I’m used to people waiting on me when I’m late, even though I know how rude it is. I set the tone all wrong for our meeting. Please accept this bounty of carrots and my most humble apology.”

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