Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 8

Arlyn thrust her chin up. She was not going to let Molly get fired, much less the whole team of people she had worked so hard with over the past decade. “Text him back and tell him it’s in the bag. I’m in. But Molly, you’ve got to get Cordel to agree with the schedule or we’re done before we get started.”
Molly let out a sob of relief as her fingers flew across the screen of the phone. She hit send and tossed the phone back in her purse. “I’ll get him to agree. Thank you so much, Arlyn. I know how much you hate this …”
“… but I love you Molly,” said Arlyn. “And I must love you a lot to let Cordel Foster into my life.”

Chapter Three

Arlyn took a deep breath and paced her apartment. As if she wasn’t nervous enough about having a client come to her house, Cordel was over an hour late. They would have little time to talk before she would have to make him leave to stick to her schedule.
Her daily schedule was important in maintaining her health and now some boogey man chaser was fouling it all up.
“I can’t believe I agreed to this,” Arlyn fumed under her breath. She walked over to the counter and picked up her cell phone. She scrolled through her contacts until she found the information for Cordel’s manager. “This arrangement is off, he can talk to one of the assistants at the office. I’m not putting up with this …”
But before she could hit the call button a knock on the door startled her. She marched to the door and jerked it open, ready to give Cordel a piece of her mind, but found her voice was lost. Standing in the doorway stood a tall man, giving her a half-smile showing off his single dimple. His dirty blonde hair was short but messy and his five o’clock shadow gave him a handsome rugged look. He raised an eyebrow.
“Arlyn Wade?”
Arlyn found her voice. “You’re late and now we have to reschedule.”
Cordel raised his hands in a peaceful gesture. “I know, I’m so sorry. My plane was late. I’ve been in Belize looking for the Tata Duende.”
“Tata what?” Arlyn shook her head. “No, I don’t want to know. You’re late and I have a schedule to keep, so we have to reschedule.”
Cordel took a step towards the threshold. “Do you have another client? I’m sure they’d understand.”
Arlyn rolled her eyes and folded her arms. “It is not about another client, or whether or not they would understand. It’s about valuing another person’s time, and you have shown Mr. Foster that you do not value mine or you would have been here on time.”
The smile on Cordel’s face finally faded. “You’re right. You are a professional and I have made a lousy first impression. I really am terribly sorry, and you would have every right to terminate this contract. I was told you have a rigorous schedule and I promised to abide by it, but I beg you to give me another chance.”
Cordel got on his knees and folded his hands together in a begging posture. Arlyn’s cheeks turned red. She grabbed his arm and pulled him up and inside. She quickly looked in the hallway to make sure none of her neighbors had been walking by to witness Cordel’s display.
Cordel laughed as he stumbled forward and Arlyn closed the door.
“You’re stronger than you look,” he teased.
“And you’re more annoying than I thought you’d be,” said Arlyn.
Cordel nodded and flashed her smile. “I’ve been told that before. Don’t worry I’ll grow on you.”

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