Friday, November 4, 2011

Thoughts from Cathy

Anna;s Legacy 

The Blogger Potato
 A urgent message from the Blogger Pataoto, Cathy
Lately Blogging is just not doing it for me.
Although I blog daily, It is just not enough!
I could build more Blogs, but it would just contain the same old stuff and the same people would read it and I don’t want to have to find different stuff and do a different kind of blog because that is waaaaaaaaaaay to hard. I just want to reach out to more people and entice them to view my current Blog.  I really need your help because I fear that I will soon give into that pressure that I see all around me.  It is there teasing me on my face book page.  At the bottom of every blog I read,  The button that looks and sounds soooo sweet, but I know is really just a new step further into my addiction.  I fear that I soon must give into this craving and satisfy my addiction by becoming a …a…a …. Ok,  I will say the word :


Anna;s Legacy

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  1. It's too late for me! Save yourself ! I am a Twitter Tater. Oh well, now please excuse me while I see what a bunch of people I don't know are tweeting.