Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thoughts from Cathy November FUN!!!

Thanksgiving Thriller!!!!!
By Cathy Collar

The Pursuit!!!!
 “911 What is your Emergency?
 “You must come RIGHT NOW! HURRY!”
 “Sir, please state your emergency?
 “I am being chased by a mad man!  He has a gun!  HURRY!”
 “Ok sir, stay calm. What is you location?”
 “I’m in the woods behind Clear Lake! I have been running for my life for at least an hour.  I just now got a signal on my phone. I can’t last much longer! You must hurry!”
 “Ok Sir, stay on the line. I’m sending someone right now.”
 “Attention all patrols in the Clear Lake vicinity. We have an emergency situation in the wood behind the lake. The suspect is a male carrying a gun in pursuit of anther male. Suspect is armed and dangerous! Approach with caution!”
 “Sir are you still there?”
 “Yes, I am hiding.”
 “Can you see the man pursuing you?”
 “N n n no, but I can hear him.”
 “Did you ever get a good look at him?”
 “No! He was shooting at me!  But I know who he is!”
 “Calm down. Help is on the way.”
 “I’m trying, but I can still hear him coming through the trees. He keeps calling for me!”
 “So, it is someone you know, sir?”
 “Oh yes, I know him all to well!  He has been my neighbor for the past four years.  Ever since I moved to the country.”
 “Do you know why he is trying to kill you?”
 “I have no idea!  He comes after me every year.  Usually I can just stay hidden from him and after a few days he just gives up.  I tell you this man is crazy! This time he found me and chased me into the woods.  He is going to kill me!  Last year he had his wife with him.  She had a knife and a gun!  I wouldn’t be surprised if she weren’t out here too! They are both crazy people. I should never have moved to the country! Town was so much safer!”
 “Please stay on the line while I advise the police of this possible other suspect.”
 “Attention!  All patrols in the Clear Lake area.  Possible second suspect. Female, could be carrying a gun and knife. Wife, of suspect number one. Proceed with extreme caution.”
 “Just try to stay calm the police are on their way.”
 “That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have a maniac, chasing you through the snow.  In the woods!” 
 “I know but you must try to stay calm and hidden until the police get there.  I will stay on the line with you until you are safe.”
 “You are so nice.  I have got my breath back.  Now, I probably should run some more.”
“No! It is best that you stay hidden.  Just keep quiet and stay on the phone.  Do you hear any sirens?”
“No. I am really deep in the woods.  They probably won’t find me in time! I really need to run now.  I hear him calling and it’s close!  I will keep my phone on but I must move NOW!
“This is unit 26.  We have arrived at the location.  Be advised we have found an 1870 ford pickup.  It is empty. The license plate is missing.  We have found a box of shells for a 12 gauge shot gun inside.  The registration is too faded to make out.  Looks like E…something maybe Fud.  Backup is here and we are starting our pursuit into the woods.”
“Sir! Sir! Can you hear me?”
“Pant, pant… yes. I am hiding again.”
“Good. The police are in the woods.  Just stay out of sight and let them look for your assailant.”
“Ok. I can’t run anymore anyway.”
“While we are waiting sir, I didn’t get your name. I need it for my records.”
“Its Tom ma’am, Tom Turkey.”
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 
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