Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thoughts from Cathy

Commercial Christmas
By Cathy Collar

Christmas is too commercial
 That is what I here them  say.
But in the eyes of Christians,
It is truly not that way.


For in each  shining light,
The Christmas star shines clear.
And in each twinkling eye,
  The Christmas spirit’s near.

Santa Claus, as they all say,
Takes away the true meaning.
 Doesn’t Santa symbolize,
World peace and love and giving ?


Christmas carols have not changed,
I here the children singing,
About the birth of Jesus,
And praising the new born king.

They say the spirit’s smothered,
 Too many decorations.
But have they all forgotten ?
Christmas is a celebration !
And early Christmas morning,
The spirit is shinning through,
In all the children’s voices,
The meaning is still so true.

When above all of the glitter,
I hear my  young daughter say,
“We love you baby Jesus.
Have the best Happy, Birthday !”

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