Friday, November 25, 2011

Prayers & Angels

Anna's Legacy @
Elaine Wirth
Hi Everyone.....this was a day backwards...they aren't even really sure why. They did a Cat Scan tonight but I'm guessing we won't know the results until tomorrow. She is such a trooper...she reminds me of Sarah's favorite saying 'BRING IT ON!" They sure didn't get that toughness from their Mom but I'm extremely proud of both of the...m and how they handled and are handling this part of their lives. Many have asked about April's address here and also her transplant donation address. I'll add the transplant donation papers to this page again and this is her address........April Hornbeck HOME Apts. 1100 Welch Rd. Apt. 3E Palo Alto Ca. 94304 Thank you and God BlessSee More

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