Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 3

Exiting Google she went to YouTube and typed in Cordel’s name. She wasn’t surprised when half a million videos turned up, she knew he was popular. That’s not why she went to YouTube, she wanted to see his personality.
Arlyn bypassed all the videos that were simply clips of his show. That was an act, a character he portrayed on TV … something that could be edited. She scrolled down until she found clips of interviews done with him on live T.V. Where she knew that could be an act to, live shows couldn’t editing out any foul ups.
She clicked on a local morning show and turned up the volume. The show had just come back from commercial with two beaming women looking into the camera, Cordel Foster sat next to them wearing a goofy grin as he rubbed his hands together.
“Welcome back,” said the blond host of the show. “We are so excited to have traveler, cryptozoologist, and host of the amazingly popular show, Finding Folklore, Cordel Foster with us this morning.” She looked at Cordell. “Thank you so much for being here.”
“Thank you for having me, Kathleen,” said Cordel. “This is one of my all-time favorite morning shows. I’m a little star struck to be sitting here with the two of you.”
The two hosts laughed and blushed.
“I bet you say that to all the morning show anchors, but I don’t mind you saying it to me,” said the anchor with the soft cocoa skin and luscious black hair. Cordel gave her a wink and Arlyn rolled her eyes. She was not surprised he was a big flirt, but it was a major turn off to her that he knew he was a big flirt.
“So let’s get down to business, Cordel,” continued the anchor with black hair. “What is a cryptozoologist?”
“I’m glad you asked, Michelle, cryptozoology is the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, for example Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster,” answered Cordel as if reading the definition straight from the dictionary.
“So do you search for the boogie man, too?” asked Kathleen, with a laugh, causing Michelle to join in the laughter.
For a split second Arlyn saw Cordel’s eyes narrow, then he quickly laughed with the ladies. “Well, I guess that depends on your definition of the boogie man. If you are scared of thought of vampires or werewolves, then my study of the chupacabra would probably fit your definition of a boogie man.”
“Chupa what?” asked Michelle.
“The chupacabra,” Cordel scooted to the end of his chair and leaned forward. “For decades, farmers in a small mining town in the heart of Chile’s northern desert have woken to find their goats and sheep dead in their pens. The predator has a weakness for blood and drinks it from its prey, after it has ripped the poor animal’s neck out.”
“Well that explains the vampire part,” said Kathleen as Michelle cringed.
“Yes, the name, chupacabra translates into goat-sucker in English. Eye witness accounts are of a deformed looking dog …”
“There’s the werewolf,” said Michelle to Kathleen.
“… with a row of spikes reaching from its neck to the base of the tail with scaly greenish-gray skin.”
“That does sound terrifying,” said Kathleen. “And you just go around searching for such a creature.”
Cordel leaned back and smiled. “I do. I search for chupacabras, big foots, yetis, and I even touch on paranormal phenomenon like the Suicide Forest in Japan. It’s not a job for the weak of heart.”
Again Aryln rolled her eyes, feeling his overinflated ego through the screen.
Michelle raised both of her hands. “Okay, allow me to play devil’s advocate for a second.”
Cordel gave her another wink. “That sounds like something I would hunt.”
She waved him off as she giggled. “Seriously, it’s hard to believe that these things exist in this day and age. We have satellites and GPS, very little of this world hasn’t been walked all over by human feet. No one has ever had any viable proof that these creatures of legend exist, no scat, no hair, not dead carcasses. Isn’t it easy to be unafraid of these things, to hunt them in the scary dark, since they’re basically the equivalent of fairy tales?”

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