Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 5

“Just tell him I’m not good enough,” said Arlyn. “Put Sandra on it, she wrote the last best seller. Trust me, Molly, give him Sandra, wrap her up in a bow, and his ego will eat it up. He wants someone to tell his tall tales. I’m not the person to do that, we’ll be like oil and water.”
Molly sighed. “I hope you’re right about Sandra, Arlyn, but I know you’re wrong about you and Cordel being oil and water. I don’t agree with it, but I’m accepting your right to turn down this job offer. Arlyn I can’t promise that something like this will come around again. The publication world is in a tricky place, we can’t afford to be picky.”
Arlyn nodded even though she was on the phone. “I understand, but my goal is to write the best book possibly for you and the house. I can’t do that with Cordel, he’ll stress me out and I’ll have a …”
“It’s okay, Arlyn,” said Molly. “You’re just so talented and strong, sometimes I forget you have narcolepsy and that you have to take certain precautions. I shouldn’t have pushed. I’ll pitch Sandra to Cordel and make it work.”
“Thank you, Molly,” said Arlyn.
As Molly hung up, Aryln walked to the couch and plopped down. She was already exhausted and knew she had to relax her body and rest. Pulling a throw blanket over her, she placed her head on the pillow and hoped that Molly wasn’t too angry at her.

Chapter Two

Arlyn woke up to the sound of her door being opened and a small cuss when the chain lock caught. Grabbing her phone from the back of the couch, Arlyn dialed a nine and a one. “Who’s there? I’m calling 911.”
“It’s me, Arlyn,” Molly hollered from the door. “Come let me in. I’ve been knocking for ten minutes. I was afraid you’d had an episode so I used the key.”
Arlyn hurried off the couch and went to the door to let Molly in.
“What are you doing here?” asked Aryln as she looked at the clock. It was nearly 9 pm.
“The better question is how am I supposed to save you if you’re in trouble, if you’ve chain latched the door and I can’t get in?” asked Molly. “What’s the point of giving me a key?”
“I gave you that key so you could water my plant when I went to visit my parents last month,” said Arlyn. “I don’t need saving.”
“Oh yeah,” said Molly with a shrug. “How is the ol’ plant?”
“Dead,” said Arlyn, “someone forgot to water it while I was visiting my parents last month.”
Molly let out a giggle and shrugged again. “Sorry.”
“Now, why are you here?” asked Arlyn. “Not that I mind seeing you, but you’re usually home with Greg and the kids by now.”
Molly’s smiled faded as she sank onto the couch and dropped her purse on the floor. “I just came from work. It’s really bad, Arlyn.”
Arlyn sat by her friend. “What’s going on?”
“To be blunt …” Molly turned towards Arlyn. “… layoffs, and a lot of them.”
“You didn’t get …?”
Molly shook her head. “No, not yet anyway, but if I do, and I’m not trying to be mean, but if I get laid off, it’ll be your fault.”

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