Friday, March 9, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 4

She waved him off as she giggled. “Seriously, it’s hard to believe that these things exist in this day and age. We have satellites and GPS, very little of this world hasn’t been walked all over by human feet. No one has ever had any viable proof that these creatures of legend exist, no scat, no hair, not dead carcasses. Isn’t it easy to be unafraid of these things, to hunt them in the scary dark, since they’re basically the equivalent of fairy tales?”
Arlyn leaned closer her computer screen. The annoyance she had only witnessed for a second earlier was now plastered all over Cordel’s face.
“Michelle, with all due respect, that is exactly the attitude that will continue to hinder the scientific process. Universities, corporations … they don’t want to fund an expedition that will make them seem like a laughing stock. That attitude is why if someone did find evidence of a legendary creature they most likely wouldn’t come forward.  Scientist are finding new creatures every day, and nobody bats an eye when it’s a new species of fish, or insect, but bring up a new mammal or something as crazy …” Cordel made air quotes while he said crazy. “… like Big Foot, no matter how many eye witness come forward to say what they saw. Attitudes like that one, is exactly why we haven’t found evidence.”
Michelle looked at Kathleen. “Well, I guess he told me.”
The two ladies giggled nervously.
Cordel forced a smile and raised his hands in a peaceful gesture. “I’m sorry, that came off wrong. I’m just very passionate about my career and subject of study. I understand some people look at me as a fraud. An actor who jumps at his own shadow for ratings. I am thankful that the Voyage Channel supports Finding Folklore, as more as just entertainment, but as an open-minded science project. We may not find Big Foot, but we’ll be teaching future generations that to peruse even what seems impossible is a pursuit worth having if you’re passionate about it.”
As Kathleen and Michelle started to pitch Cordel’s show, Arlyn clicked the pause button. She leaned back in her chair and studied the paused video that showed Cordel giving a cheesy smile and wave at the camera.
She picked up the phone and called Molly.
“Have you decided?” Molly asked, her nerves and excitement pulsating through the phone.
Arlyn took a deep breath, knowing she was about to upset one of her closest friends. “I’m sorry, Molly, I can’t work with him.”
“No,” cried Molly. “Why? Arlyn, this is a big get for the company. He’s asked for you specifically.”
Arlyn placed her forehead in her hand. She hated the sound of disappointment in her friend’s voice, hated even more that she had put it there.
She sighed. “Molly, I don’t think he’s interested in answering the hard questions truthfully. I just watched him lash out at a host on live television. I can’t imagine how he’ll act when it’s his ghost writer. I don’t write fiction for a reason and I’m not about to start with Cordel Foster.”
“Arlyn, please reconsider,” begged Molly.
“Just tell him I’m not good enough,” said Arlyn. “Put Sandra on it, she wrote the last best seller. Trust me, Molly, give him Sandra, wrap her up in a bow, and his ego will eat it up. He wants someone to tell his tall tales. I’m not the person to do that, we’ll be like oil and water.”

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