Friday, February 23, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 2

Munching on a carrot as her e-mail came us, she cocked her head. She had an e-mail from Molly, even though they had just spoken. Her eyes widened as she read the subject line: FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY! CALL ME NOW!
Arlyn quickly left her computer and hurried to retrieve her cell from her purse in the kitchen. She hit the speed dial for Molly and waited.
“What took you so long?” asked Molly.
“Why hello to you to,” said Arlyn. “And I just saw you, what could be so important?”
“Two words … Cordel Foster,” said Molly in her peppy voice.
Arlyn shook her head even though she knew Molly couldn’t see her. “Who?”
“Cordel Foster,” repeated Molly, “you know the guy on Voyage Channel that goes to all sorts of exotic locations in search of monsters and ghosts?”
“The Voyage Channel? I thought that was educational? I didn’t know they had fiction series,” stated Arlyn.
“They don’t, Cordel is a cryptozoologist. They study folklore, like Bigfoot or the chupacabra,” explained Molly.
“The chupa what?”
“It’s like some kind of vampire dog,” said Molly, “but you’re missing the point, Arlyn. Cordel wants you to ghost write his autobiography. This is a big deal for the publisher and Cordel has asked for you specifically.”
“Why?” asked Arlyn as she wrinkled her nose. Besides Molly, Omar, and her clients no one knew that Arlyn was a ghost writer. That was part of the job. She did all the work, they get all the credit, and she was paid very well to keep her mouth shut. Not like it was hard to keep it a secret, Arlyn had no interest in the spotlight.
“I don’t know,” said Molly, exasperation dripping from her words. “Why as why? This is a big deal.”
“Okay,” said Arlyn. “Let me do my initial research and I’ll call you back with my answer.”
“Today, Arlyn,” stated Molly. “I have to know by today.”
“All right, Molly,” said Arlyn. “I’ll give you a call in a bit.”
“You’d be a fool to say no,” said Molly.
“Goodbye,” said Arlyn as she hung up the phone. Never had Molly been so adamant about her taking a writing gig. Molly had always been very respectful of Arlyn’s process, which was the same no matter the celebrity status of the person she was working for.
Taking her cell with her, Arlyn walked back to her computer. She sat down and opened Google, typing in Cordel Foster into the search bar. A Wikipedia page was at the top of the list, but Arlyn knew better than to jump into Wikipedia, since it was usually written by a fan or marketing personnel. There were a number of social media accounts, which she also skipped over.
She studied the pictures on the right side of the search listing. Cordel was not hard on the eyes, the information under the pictures told her he was 35 and born in Billings, MT. He had dark blonde cut just long enough to give him a constant cute tousled look. Arlyn figured that “tousled” look probably took hours in front of the mirror. He wore a casual long sleeved white shirt, with the sleeves pulled up so you could see his muscular arms.
Arlyn tried no to roll her eyes, it was a publicity photo after all. Google also told her his height, that he was unmarried with no children, and had graduated from Tufts University. Not only was he the host of his popular show, Finding Folklore, on the Voyage Channel he was also a producer.
Exiting Google she went to YouTube and typed in Cordel’s name. She wasn’t surprised when half a million videos turned up, she knew he was popular. That’s not why she went to YouTube, she wanted to see his personality.

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