Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 1

Dream On
A Somewhat Sleeping Beauty Story
By Jennifer McMurrain

***Note from the author***

What you are about to read is a rough draft. Anna’s Legacy supporters are getting a sneak peek at my writing process and they are the first ones to get to read these novellas. Knowing that it is a rough draft, please be aware that it hasn’t gone through my rigorous quality control and there will be mistakes, typos, and before the final product is published, it might even have a plot change. This is all part of the process. So I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Dream On: A Somewhat Sleeping Beauty Story.

Chapter 1

Arlyn Wade stirred from her sleep with a crick in her neck and a horrible taste in her mouth. The smell of leather with a hint of pineapple tickled her nose, but it was unfamiliar. Inwardly she groaned. She had done it again.
She opened her eyes and confirmed her suspicions. She was sitting in the back seat of a car, an older gentleman wearing a soft blue turban sat in the driver’s seat reading a book.
“I did it again, didn’t I, Omar?” she asked.
Omar put down his book and turned to face her. His smile warmed her, making her lose some of her embarrassment.
“I told you Arlyn, you needn’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”
She returned his smile. He was a man of his word. “And that is why you’re my favorite Uber driver.”
Arlyn scooted up on her seat so she could see the book in Omar’s lap. “What are you reading this time?”
Omar held up the book. “An American classic, To Kill a Mockingbird.”
“That’s a good one,” said Arlyn as she dug in her purse.
“Not as good as my favorite author, Arlyn Wade.”
Arlyn looked up and smiled at Omar. “I’m just a ghost writer, which means I don’t really exist.”
She went back to digging in her purse as Omar shook his head. “I will never understand this ghost writing thing. You do the work, you should get the credit.”
Arlyn found the fifty she kept in her purse for emergencies and handed it to Omar. “Thank you for being such a good friend.”
Omar pushed the money away. “You paid with your app.”
“They pay me not only enough to not mind losing credit, but to make sure I can take care of the people who spend their valuable time reading while I’m taking a nap in their car.” She looked at her watch. “You lost at least an hour, please take this. Put it towards your daughter’s college fund and if you want to stop at that taco truck you love so much, she doesn’t have to know.”
Omar took the money and gave her a nod of thanks. “You are too kind, Arlyn.”
“So are you Omar,” said Arlyn as she opened the car door. “We kind people need to stick together.”
She said her good-byes to Omar and walked into her apartment building. She punched in the code to the front door and made her way to the back corner apartment on the first floor. There was nothing fancy about her building, which was fine for Arlyn. She didn’t need a fancy brown or something with a doorman. All she needed was quiet.
Entering her apartment she let out a sigh of relief. Part of her loved the city and appreciated that everyone once and a while she had to get out and experience it, but her home was the only place she felt completely safe.
Arlyn walked to the kitchen and checked her schedule on the fridge. Her stomach growled as she marked off “nap” on the to-do list. She wasn’t surprised she felt hungry even though she had just had a large lunch with her agent, Molly.
Hunger was one of the side effects of her condition. She told herself her brain was confused and reached into the fridge for a bowl of baby carrots, even though her body craved French fries. She glanced at her schedule again, before heading to her computer to check her e-mails.

Munching on a carrot as her e-mail came us, she cocked her head. She had an e-mail from Molly, even though they had just spoken. Her eyes widened as she read the subject line: FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY! CALL ME NOW! 

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