Friday, March 20, 2020

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 32

Elise thought the touch would be hindering, but with each hand added to the line, she felt her power surge. The town … her town … was coming together, sharing their energy with her. Sharing their love with her.
She again flexed her fingers ready to cast a spell if the fog even twitched wrong. She closed her eyes for a moment and pictured the line, pictured all the people ready to help her defend her home … their home. She felt their pride, their bravery and their fear. She knew it took courage beyond word for them to face the fog that had made so many people fall to their knees screaming.
Mr. King’s hand released her shoulder for a moment, causing Elise to open her eyes and see Mr. King making way for Cage beside her. He placed his hand on her shoulder, just as Mr. King had done and she felt a rumble beneath her feet before a surge of magic flowed through her body. She let out a warrior cry as the magic fused itself to her soul, a magic of pure, genuine love and hope. A magic of light.
Elise thrust her hands out and watched as bright white light blazed from her fingers. “Be gone you monster to the pits of hell. Be gone you fiend to where evil dwells. You will not live to give fright. You will not win this fight, this night.”
The fog twisted and turned in what appeared to be agony and Elise could feel Cage’s hand tighten on her shoulder as the magic of light and love flowed through her fingers and into the beast. The ground started to rumble as Elise worked to keep her footing. She could see in her peripheral that a lot of the townspeople were falling to their knees, unable to stay standing, as the ground rolled under them.
The rumble stopped, but the light kept flowing through Elise’s fingers.
“I banish you to hell!” she screamed as a surge of light pulsed through her body hitting the fog with the force of a thousand suns. The fog let out a roar before folding up inside itself and disappearing with a simple whoosh.
Elise fell to her knees and panted, as every ounce of strength wilted into the ground. Cage was by her side in an instant.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
She nodded, unable to find the energy to speak. She used what little energy she had left to look around. The fog was gone, but something was still not right. The world had gone eerily quiet. No birds sung, or bugs buzzed. Pammy no longer cried on the sidewalk and though Elise expected to hear some kind of gasps relief from the town people, it was all silent, as if the fog had taken all the ambient sound with it when it disappeared.
Cage helped her to her feet and she was a bit surprised to see they still bore her weight even when they felt as if they were made of nothing but jelly. She looked around, taking stock of the people and searching for any injuries she could heal, when a slow clap started to fill the silence.
Elise brought her attention back to where the fog had been and watched a man walked toward them clapping slowly. Cage leaned into her a snarl on his lips.
“It’s him.”

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