Monday, March 16, 2020

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 31

Movement caught Elise’s eyes as she saw Ms. Welch walking up to the fog with her walker.
“No,” cried Elise, but Ms. Welch either couldn’t hear her or didn’t want to.
“Listen here you beast,” yelled Ms. Welch as she clenched her fist at the fog, “You stop this right now.”
The fog swirled around as if to face Ms. Welch. Elise wasn’t sure a fog could have a face, but it appeared to be staring at the little old lady.
“I know what you are,” yelled Ms. Welch, “and you’re not welcome here. We are a kind and true people and evil has no place here.”
Elise watched in astonishment at Mr. King walked up behind Ms. Welch, a look of determination on his own face. “This is our town,” he scolded. “We’ll not let you ruin it.”
Elise watched as the fog twisted a bit. It was almost as if it were cocking it’s head at a row of ants marching food to their burrow. Soon the mayor was also standing with Ms. Welch and Mr. King.
“Our families built this place and we’ll protect with every means we’ve got,” stated the mayor.
Elise shook her head as the entire town not already affected by the black monster hurried up to stand with Ms. Welch, Mr. King, and Mayor Garver. All it would take would be for the fog to swirl around them and then the whole town would be gone.
She couldn’t let that happen. She might have been angry at the folks who invaded her town so many years ago, but as they stood together one by one to defend it from the scariest thing they had ever seen in their lives, she knew she loved them. She loved them because they were protecting Apple Hill the way she would. They were putting their safety aside for their beloved town and the folks that lived in that town. They were all sacrificing their lives for the very thing she had been trying to protect all these years … Apple Hill.
Elise knew what she had to do. She ran over and stood in front of Ms. Welch.
“I’ll not let you hurt them,” she yelled. “You leave this place now. You’ve been warned.”
“Now you’ve done it,” said Ms. Welch. “You’ve riled up our witch. Better move along now.”
Elise looked at Ms. Welch. “You knew?”
“Oh honey, we all know,” said Ms. Welch with a firm nod. “You want to do that thing you do now and chit chat later?”
“Stand back,” Elise ordered the townspeople.
“Oh no, it doesn’t work that way,” said Mr. King as he put his hand on her shoulder. “We’re here to help.”
“All of us,” said Ms. Welch as she put her hand on Elise’s other shoulder. She watched as the rest of the townspeople lined up and put their hands on each other’s shoulders on either side of her building a wall.
Elise thought the touch would be hindering, but with each hand added to the line, she felt her power surge. The town … her town … was coming together, sharing their energy with her. Sharing their love with her.

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