Friday, January 24, 2020

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 23

Cage cleared his throat. Elise knew even hunters were wary of familiars. “Those awful men, they did not represent this town as a whole. They were greedy, wretched, and evil. Personally, I’m glad Roark tore my father to bits, because I’m sure if he hadn’t I would have the next time he laid a finger on my mother. I believe it’s time to give this town a second chance.”
“I can’t,” stated Elise.
Cage shook his head, but smiled. “Well then, I guess I have my work cut out for me to convince you while thwarting off your curses. I gave Mr. King some ointment for his palms today. I hope you’ll allow the old man to rest. He hasn’t gotten much sleep since you cursed his hands to itch.”
“And Mrs. Welch?” asked Elise.
“I gave her some angelica, which voided your curse, but she now loves to swim, which is good for a woman her age.” He gave Elise a wink. “I think you actually did her a favor.”
Elise huffed. “Anything else I should know about?”
“Even though Heather King wasn’t able to change the color of Pammy Nelson’s hair, she did manage to get rid of the frizz and Pammie won the valley wide beauty pageant last night. The judges loved the color, said it reminded them of sunrise, and they were elated that Pammy had stepped outside of the conventional beauty box. I have it under good authority that Heather’s beauty shop is overbook for the next month with people wanting colorings.”
“How could you possibly know that this early?” snapped Elise. “The shop isn’t even open.”
Cage shrugged nonchalantly. “I just know.”
Elise let out a groan of frustration as she turned and walked away from Cage.
“You’re not even going to say good-bye?” Cage called after her.
She wasn’t even going to turn around. Cage had already undid most of her curses from the previous day. If he wanted a war of clever magic, she’d give him one.

Chapter 7

Elise stormed down the street. If Cage Martin thought he could outwit her in a game of magic, he was sorely mistaken. As she passed the café owned by the Martin family, she flicked her wrist instantly changing all the salt shakers to sugar, sugar shakers to salt, and the maple syrup to dark bitter molasses.
As she walked by the Nelson house, she thought about how happy they must be that Pammy won the pageant the night before. Mr. Nelson was the town’s exterminator and Elise figured it was high time the bugs had their revenge. She flicked her wrist at their house and filled it with termites, also placing spiders and roaches in every dark corner. No matter what he used to get rid of the bugs, they’d be immune.
Every business or house she passed that belonged to a founding family was cursed with a single flick of her wrist. The grocery store owned by the Welches checked every item out for a penny. She decided to put a den of black rat snakes in the walls of City Hall. She even enchanted her precious library books, knowing it would look suspicious if the library went un-phased. Every book that was checked out would be a bodice ripper full of sex and scenes that would surly make the townspeople blush as they realize the covers match the stories with scantily clad men and women embracing.
Finally as she walked by the church, she heard the choir practicing. The mayor’s daughter, Veronica, always brought her famous punch to the practicing, claiming it would loosen the vocal chords. Elise giggled as she flicked her wrist and added a secret ingredient that would make them all sound as if they had swallowed helium. The effects of the ingredient would have them speaking like the munchkins of Oz long after the practice was over.
As she entered the library she was met by Dorothea and Ernest. Dorothea flew in circles wringing her hands as Ernest stood in the corner arms crossed.
“Well?” they asked together as Rosemary glided down from the rafters.
“He’s a hunter.”

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