Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prayers & Angels

Briley Update

Going to Cooks Tomorrow

Sorry I haven't post more in the last few days. We have been on cruise control without much to report. Briley has been doing great over the past few days! It was wonderful not having to go back to Cooks last week and everything has been pretty much normal. But the reality of cancer will set back in tomorrow when we travel back to Cooks for the next phase of treatment. This phase will last 2 months and she will be getting treatments at Cooks every 10 days. One of the chemo's she will be getting is Vincristine. I can't stand saying the name or even typing it out because of it's side effects. It's a true necessary evil. I hope and pray that this round does not affect her counts and walking abilities like it did before. Her walking has improved so much over the past month, but she still cannot run like she could pre-cancer. Her counts have been great and when compared to other kids, she is able to keep and maintain the counts better than most. We pray & hope this stays true during this phase of treatment. We also expect her hair loss to increase and become complete over the course of this phase. I told her that I would shave my head when she loses all of her hair. But I am afraid that mine wouldn't grow back! Honestly, the hair loss is the least of my concerns, but I know how it will affect Briley. She loves her hair! Thank you for the continued support!

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