Sunday, March 13, 2011

Briley Update

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just Cruising Along!

Not a whole lot to report on Briley now, which has been good. She has been home and feeling great! Things are almost back to normal. She even asked if she could go back to "school" and play with her friends. For fear of her getting sick, we will keep her out of school until she starts maintenance chemo sometime in October. Maybe she can have a few friends over one day.
Here is her treatment road map. Right now she is the consolidation phase that is 4 weeks long. She will have her last spinal tap on Wed. and she is taking home chemo every night through March 30th.
She will then start Interim Maintenance I that last 8 weeks with 2 chemo treatments every 10 days and 1 spinal tap on day 31
Then she will start Delayed Intensification for 8 weeks. As the name suggest, the treatments will be intense. We are not looking forward to this at all. There will be some new chemos added that have very scary likely side effects such as heart damage. She will be admitted to the hospital for much of this phase.
After that, she will start Interim Maintenance II. It last for 8 weeks and is the exact same treatment plan as IM I.
Hopefully after all of this, she will be on home chemo for the reminder of the time, lasting another 1 1/2 years.
We are just glad that she is having somewhat of a "break" right now and is feeling great! The kids are playing and fighting like old times again, although Briley can't quite hold her own yet against Bryson. Thank you for following along on the blog!

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