Friday, May 11, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 13

“I went in thinking I was going to get my wildlife biology degree. I had watched the shows on television about searching for the paranormal, but it seemed like such a far off dream for a little nobody from Kansas.” answered Cordel. “So, I went with the sure thing. Get a degree in wildlife biology, then either become a game warden or find a research project.”
“How did that turn into cryptozoology?” asked Arlyn.
“So I finished my degree in wildlife biology and decided I’d rather do field research than be a game warden. I’d much rather face big foot than a poacher with a gun.”
“Understandable,” said Arlyn.
“To be in field research, you really need a masters,” continued Cordel, “so I pursued my masters in wildlife biology with an emphasis in mammalogy. That is where I met Professor Duncan. He was my advisor and we spent hours talking about cryptozoology. I started going on research trips with him to south Texas. We were looking for black panthers, but caught something else on one of the game cameras.”
“What was it?” Arlyn felt herself leaning forward on her seat.
“To this day, I don’t know,” admitted Cordel. “It could’ve been a mangy coyote or raccoon. You can’t imagine how ugly and unidentifiable a coyote is without hair, especially a sick one.”
Arlyn nodded. “Yes, I believe a creature washed up on the beach not too many years back and everyone thought it was some kind of monster, it turned out to be …” She tilted her head, trying to remember what kind of animal it was.
“It was a nutria,” said Cordel.
“Yes, ugly looking thing,” said Arlyn, with a shiver.
“But, not quite as ugly when it has all its hair,” said Cordel. “One might even call it cute.”
“Right,” said Arlyn. “So back to the mangy coyote.”
“Or chupacabra,” said Cordel.
“Oh yes, I’ve heard of that creature,” said Arlyn.
“Good, I half expected you to say ‘chupa what?’. That’s the response I usually get when I say chupacabra,” said Cordel.
Arlyn blushed knowing she had said the exact same thing to Molly when she had mentioned the chupacabra.
“So you saw this picture on the game camera and it was love at first sight?” asked Arlyn.
“Something like that,” said Cordel. “Professor Duncan and I went back to south Texas as much as we could. We still studied the black panther, which we found none, but I don’t doubt the sightings, and we never got another picture of the mysterious creature.”
“Seems like a far leap from one picture to international adventure star,” said Arlyn.
“Oh it was, but this is where a little bit of luck game into play,” explained Cordel. “Professor Duncan was asked to assistant with some reptile research at the Welder Wildlife Foundation. We both had experience, so we said yes. They were tagging Texas indigo snakes, which are just massive in size and were short a couple of hands. Just so happens, the Voyage Channel was shooting footage of part of the capture, tagging, and release of the snakes. I got along great with the producer and he even asked me to do give some information on camera about the snakes and habitat, which I did. Later that night, we were sitting around a fire, talking about weird things we had witnessed in the wild and our picture was passed around. The producer got my contact info and the rest his history.”
“Oh you know you’re going to have to go into detail, right,” teased Arlyn.
Cordel laughed and looked at his watch. “I do, but I’m afraid I have to leave. I know it’s early, and I hope that doesn’t interfere with your schedule too much.”
“No, it’s fine,” said Arlyn. “You’ve given me a great starting point.”
“One other thing,” said Cordel. “I really need us to meet at my house tomorrow.”
“Absolutely not,” stated Arlyn.

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