Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Dream On ~ Part 12

“Have any of those Boy Scouts had second thoughts since your success?” asked Arlyn.
Cordel shook his head. “I’m pretty sure they all still think of me as that know-it-all kid, but now I’m a rich know-it-all, traveling the world, doing amazing things, and what they think doesn’t keep me up at night.”
“I imagine it doesn’t,” said Arlyn. “What I can imagine is that your dad must be pretty proud of all you’ve accomplished. Does he ever get the chance to go out on location with you?”
Cordel’s smile faded.
Arlyn’s face softened. “Are you okay?”
Cordel nodded. “I knew we’d talk about my family. They are an essential part of who I am today. My mother still sends me care packages with all my favorite snacks, even though she knows I have a staff room filled with them. She just wants to make sure that I’m happy and that is her little way of showing me that I’m loved.” He chuckled softly and smiled. “You know those snacks taste better than any in my staff room, even the store bought ones.”
“I would imagine they do,” said Arlyn. “Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman.”
“She is,” confirmed Cordel. “Which is why it is confusing to me on why my dad would cheat on her and why she would stay with him.”
“Oh,” said Arlyn, understanding Cordel’s change in attitude when she mentioned camping with his father. She cleared her throat, knowing she was entering dangerous territory. “Could it be that since family obviously means the world to her, she’d rather forgive and fight for what she loves rather than let it fall apart? Maybe that’s part of her care package to you?”
Cordel rubbed his hand over his jaw and leaned forward placing both elbows on the table. “You know, I’ve thought about that and I know you’re right, but it seems I can’t forgive like my mother. The hang up for me is that he put the thing she loves the most, as you put it, our family, in jeopardy, all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. It seems more than disrespectful, it seems hateful.”
“Have you talked to your father about how you feel?” asked Arlyn. “Nothing can condone what he did, but a little insight might help you to forgive.”
Cordel’s smile returned as he sat back in his chair. “Well, look at you. See, now I know how you do it.”
“Do what?” Arlyn shook her head.
“How you write amazing books for people,” explained Cordel. “You have a savvy way of getting into their heads. You’re not just a writer, you are a therapist.”
“You know what it is,” said Arlyn, a bit surprised with what she was about to share with him. “I love these conversations. I can’t stand small talk. I’d rather talk about something deep and meaningful than about the weather or traffic. Yes, it’s nice outside and the traffic sucks, now let’s talk about something worth having a conversation about.”
“Yes!” said Cordel. “I totally get that. I think that’s why I love talking about the paranormal. Everybody has a story, whether they want to admit it or not. That’s what does it for me, talking about unexplainable things in the universe and my quest to explain them and get others interested.”
“So is they why you picked cryptozoology as a focus in college?” asked Arlyn.
“I went in thinking I was going to get my wildlife biology degree. I had watched the shows on television about searching for the paranormal, but it seemed like such a far off dream for a little nobody from Kansas.” answered Cordel. “So, I went with the sure thing. Get a degree in wildlife biology, then either become a game warden or find a research project.”
“How did that turn into cryptozoology?” asked Arlyn.
“So I finished my degree in wildlife biology and decided I’d rather do field research than be a game warden. I’d much rather face big foot than a poacher with a gun.”

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