Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti ~ The Conclusion

December, Zircon and Santa peered over the snow drift into the Yeti’s cave. They could see the dim light of a fire burning in the back of the cave.

“He must be back there,” said December. “By the fire.”

“Do you think the toys are back there with him?” asked Santa.

“Not sure,” said December. “I found my comb in a drawer nowhere near the back of the cave.”

“It would be hard to miss,” said Zircon.

December let out a big sigh. “Well, let’s do this. We’re wasting time and Santa still has to make his deliveries. I know he’s fast, but I’m not about to let one kid go without a toy this Christmas.”

The three crept around the snow bank and started searching for Santa’s big bag of toys.

“It’s not up here,” whispered December. “I’ll go deeper, see if I can find it without letting the Yeti know I’m here.”

“Be careful,” cautioned Zircon. “He’s mean.”

December gave her friend a rub on the nose. “Nothing a big brave polar bear like you can’t handle. If you hear me scream, come running.”

December quietly advanced toward the back of the cave. She could feel the warmth of the fire and hear its crackle, but there was something else. It almost sounded like the wind, but December knew there was no wind in the cave. As she got closer she realized it was humming. The Yeti was humming Christmas carols.

Crouching behind a big rock, December peeked at the Yeti. As he hummed he hung three huge dirty stockings over the giant fire place. A large pine tree, decorated with pinecones and red fall leaves, sat in the corner. The Yeti turned and grabbed a toy out of Santa’s bag and placed it gently in the stocking, repeating the gesture with each sock.

December’s eyes widened as she realized what was going on. The Yeti had children and he was setting up for Christmas!

She glanced at Santa’s bag, sitting right next to the Yeti’s foot. There was no way she could sneak it away from him. There was only one other choice.

Standing tall, she approached the Yeti. “I’m sorry but that doesn’t belong to you.”

The Yeti turned and let out a fierce roar, but December held her ground.

“I can see you have children and that you just want them to have a good Christmas, but by stealing Santa’s bag you’ve ensured that a lot of other children have a bad one. Can you imagine the faces of the boys and girls when they wake up tomorrow to find Santa has left them nothing?”

The Yeti frowned and then with a quizzical “purr” pointed to what appeared to be door leading to another room. December decided it was the room where his children slept.

“I’ll make you a deal,” she said. “You can keep a gift for each child, but you must give me Santa’s bag so all the other children can receive a toy as well.”

The Yeti folded his arms and pouted. December shook her head. “Isn’t this a good deal? Everyone will get Christmas.”

December felt a hand on her shoulder. “I think I know what’s going on,” said Santa, Zircon behind him. “How old are your children, Yeti?”

The Yeti held up four long hairy fingers.

“And in all that time, I never brought them a toy.” Santa bowed his head. “I’m very sorry, Yeti, I never meant to leave you and your children out of the spirit of Christmas. From now on I will make sure every good child, human or not, has a toy waiting for them Christmas morning.”

Santa wiggled his nose and the Yeti’s cave transformed into a Christmas haven, with twinkle lights, holy wreaths and candy galore sitting on the table. The Yeti clapped his hands and hugged Santa.

“Ho, ho, ho,” laughed Santa. “Now, may I have my bag?”

The Yeti jogged across the room and retrieved Santa’s bag.

“Now Yeti,” said December. “You only get gifts from Santa if you’re a good boy and stealing things from other people is not good.”

The Yeti bowed his head in shame, then snapped it up. Raising his right hand, he growled something that sounded like an oath to never steal again.


Many years have passed since the Christmas that almost wasn’t and the fox kits still tell the tale of how December and her giant polar bear, Zircon, braved the Yeti to saved Christmas.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Native American Animla Symbol

 Native American Animal Symbol ~
If you were born from Dec 22 - Jan 19 then you are a Goose!

If you want something done - give it to the Goose. Persevering, dogged, and ambitious to a fault, the Goose sets goals for accomplishment, and always obtains them. The goose is determined to succeed at all cost - not for the approval of other - but those with this Native American animal symbol competes with his/her own internal foe. Driven is the watchword for the Goose's dominating personality trait - which makes them excellent in business and competitive sports. When tempered with supportive, nurturing family and friends, the Goose excels in all things he/she attempts. In a loving environment the Goose can be very passionate, humorous, gregarious, and even sensual. However, lead to his/her own devises, the Goose may fall into obsessive or addictive behaviors that will inevitably be his/her demise.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti - Part 4

“Oh no!” cried Santa. “The toys.”

December bowed her head. “Santa, I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. I should’ve never let the Yeti get my comb in the first place.”

Zircon tilted his head. “How did the Yeti get your comb? It’s always in your hair.”

December leaned against Santa’s sleigh and sighed. “I was playing hide and seek with the fox kits. Father has told me I’m too old for these games, but I couldn’t help myself. The turquoise comb kept giving my hiding places away, so I took it off. I thought I put it in my pocket, but I will admit I was distracted.”

Santa patted December on the shoulder. “It’s not your fault, the Yeti should’ve never taken what wasn’t his in the first place.”

“That’s nice of you to say, Santa, but it doesn’t get your toys back,” said December.  She groaned. “All those poor boys and girls. I’ve ruined Christmas.”

“We can’t let that happen, December,” said Zircon. “We must do something.”

December jerked her head up. “You’re right, we have to get the toys back.”

“How are you going to do that?” asked Santa.

“I know where the Yeti lives,” explains December. “That’s how I got my comb back.”

“Yes, but I almost lost my tail doing so,” said Zircon. “We might not be so lucky next time.”

“We don’t have a choice,” said December. “We must save Christmas.”

Thursday, December 19, 2013

In Memory of my Daughter, Anna

 The Newest Angel
          By C. L. Collar
Dedicated to my sweet beautiful Angel, Anna Michelle Collar.
We all Love & Miss you...
Anna Michelle Collar  Aug. 26, 1980 ~ Dec. 22, 2004    

The softly glowing orb floated through the dark, silent night.  Her light rivaled that of the moon.  She was told she could not go.  She could not make this trip from heaven to Earth.  She was too young, too newly an angel, but in her heart she knew she had to come.  It would be her first Christmas away from her earthly family and she must be there.  They had to know that she was all right. That she was happy and a part of her would always be with them.  The new angel wasn’t sure how she was going to accomplish this, but she was determined and with the help of God, he would help her, he’d understand, she would find a way.
She floated looking for any sign that she was in the right place.  Her journey had disoriented her a bit and she really wasn’t accustomed to her new form.  The frozen ground reflected her glow, lighting her way through the brisk night. She did not feel the cold.  The glowing warmth that God had bestowed upon her filled her whole being.
There it was, her earthly home.  No Christmas lights outside this year.  The sight saddened her a little.  Her mother loved Christmas and always decorated the house and yard with thousands of brilliant lights.  The Nativity Scene hadn’t even been set out.  But she understood why.  Her family really didn’t feel the Christmas joy this year because they were missing her.
Determined to let them know that she was gloriously happy, she slipped into the house.  A dream vision would be the easiest way to talk to them.  Her grandpa’s sister, Shellia had passed at the tender age of nine.  She had become the new angel’s very special friend and taught her a few simple angel tricks, how to pass through walls and not knock herself out in the process, how to make things glow and how to enter a dream.  The new angel said a silent prayer.  Please God help me get this right.  Her inner glow grew a little warmer.  She smiled.  He was with her on her quest.
She floated to her parent’s bedroom.  The sadness and grief almost knocked her down.  She must fight her way past this.  She had been warned this would be her biggest enemy in getting through to them.
“It will be all right.  I am with you.  I will give you the strength you need.”
The voice softly blended with her whole being.  Fortified, she bolted forward, through the fog of despair that barred the entry into the room.
First, would be her mom.  She would be easier to reach.  Her mind was open to the thought that her daughter would contact her in some way.  Her mom had prayed for it.  The new angel pausing studied her mother’s face.  Dark circles appeared under her eyes, evidence of unending tears that had been shed.  Yes, this was the right thing to do.  She must vanish the doubt in her mother’s mind.  Softly she hovered over her mom’s heart.  She had already planned the dream that would be implanted there.  Her thought formed and pushed its way gently in, a glowing white angel with feathery wings, basking in a brilliant light and her smiling face looking into her mother’s eyes.  The young angel watched as her mother’s grief lifted a little and a smile spread on her lips.
She drifted to her dad.  She knew he would be more difficult.  He was trying so hard to be the strong one.  As always, he thought he had to be the rock for all to lean on.  She felt his enormous pain.  He held inside all of his suffering and grief.  It was so vast.  She knew she had to push her way past and find the soft spot underneath.  Try as she might, her thoughts would not break through.  What would she do now?  The soft, calm voice was back.
“You must enter his heart.  I will help you.”
With a surge of light, the new angel battled through the hard shield her father and built.  Thump, thump, she was in!  She had thought about his dream very carefully.  It had to be simple, yet strong enough for him to believe.  The thought formed.  A blue sky covered with dark clouds.  The clouds represented her fears and problems on earth.  Now the clouds would part to a blazing sun, her bright new world.  He was a being of nature and would understand this dreams’ meaning.  Struggling back through the shield, she forced her way out.   She watched as his face transformed from tension and strain into a state of satisfied calmness.
Hovering above her parents, she soaked in their love.  She hated to go, but her work here was done.  If she stayed any longer, it would be harder for them to move on.
“I will visit you often,” she whispered drifting out of the room.
She paused at the sight of the familiar Christmas tree standing in its usual spot in the living room.  She took in all of the homemade ornaments and twinkling lights.  Her eyes followed them to the top, where she knew the beautiful Christmas Angel would stand.  Oh no!  Something was wrong.  The Christmas Angel's candles, held in her hands were not lit!  This just wouldn’t do!
“Here is my Christmas present to all of you,” she said.  The candles began to glow then blossomed into a brilliant light. “Merry Christmas!  I love you all dearly!”
Floating back to heaven, the new angel felt a great worry lift from her soul.  She knew her message had gotten through.  Now she must move on to her new life.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti - Part 3

“We killed Santa,” Zircon said, eyes low to the ground.

December’s hand flew to her mouth as she whispered, “No.”

Just then she heard a low groan coming from Santa’s direction. “Zircon he’s alive!”

December ran to Santa and put her check to his mouth. She smiled at Zircon. “He’s breathing.” She turned back to Santa. “Are you okay, Santa? It’s me, December.”

“December?” Santa’s eyes fluttered open. “I don’t know what happened. I was just heading out to deliver the toys to the good boys and girls and then there was a freak blizzard. Usually, my reindeer can fly right through them but this one was different. I was trying to land when something hit me.”

“I’m afraid that was us,” said December, helping Santa sit up. “We were running from the Yeti and I had to conjure a blizzard for us to escape. I’m so sorry. I had completely forgot it was the 24th.”

Santa patted December’s shoulder. “It’s okay dear, please help me up.”

December grabbed Santa’s arm and helped him to his feet. The two surveyed the scene.

“Ho, ho, ho, this is a pickle,” said Santa, checking his reindeer. “It will take a while to get them untangled.” He patted Vixon on the nose. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you guys out in a jiffy. Let me just check on the rest.”

Vixon gave a low grunt that apparently Santa took as an okay, because he turned to look at his bag. “Oh dear, this is not good. The toys are everywhere and most are broken. There will be a lot of unhappy children this Christmas.”

“Oh no,” said Zircon. “I’ve ruined Christmas!” He started to cry.

December comforted her polar bear friend. “No, Zircon, we will fix this in no time.”

She started chanting to the sky and soon the aurora borealis surrounded Santa and his sleigh. The reindeer were instantly untangled, as the toys flew through the air, being magically fixed before landing softly into Santa’s mended bag.

“There we go,” said December, smiling. “We have righted our wrong.”

“Ho, ho, ho!” laughed Santa. “We best be on our way.”

Just then a fierce roar pierce the sky. December, Santa, and Zircon turned just in time to see the Yeti grab Santa’s bag and run away.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti ~ Part 2

December clung tightly to Zircon’s fur as he bounded quickly through the snow drifts. She could hear the Yeti’s fierce roar and knew he was much too close for comfort.

The yeti swung for Zircon’s back end, but the polar bear was too quick, dodging just out of the way.

“Faster, Zircon, please!” called December.

“I’m trying, December, the yeti is a lot quicker than I remember,” said Zircon.

The yeti dove for the couple, but Zircon dodged him again. The yeti tumbled but landed on his feet and kept running.

“Will this monster ever stop?” gasped Zircon with heavy breath.

“I think I can help,” said December.

With great skill, December reached up and thread the turquoise comb threw her hair. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see the Yeti was just feet away. It wouldn’t be long before he could leap on the two of them.

Lifting both arms over her head, she reached toward the sky and began chanting in her native language. The sky filled with the reds, greens and blues of the aurora borealis. The louder she chanted the more vivid the colors. December shouted to the sky and the aurora borealis’ colors turned to clouds swirling a blizzard of snow around the Yeti causing him to run right into a drift.

“Keep going Zircon,” December encouraged. “We can lose him now if you run swiftly enough.”

December chanted to the aurora borealis again and colors surrounded Zircon. The bear put his head down as he felt the power of the northern lights and picked up speed. He barreled so quickly through the snow he barely saw the red sleigh before he collided with it.

December flew through the air as Zircon hit the sleigh and landed roughly in a snow bank. Digging herself out of the snow, she leapt to her feet. “Zircon! Where are you? Are you alright?”

“Over here,” called Zircon.

December rushed to her friend, who sat by the overturned sleigh looking dazed. She checked him over looking for injuries.

Zircon shook her off. “I’m fine, December, really. But I’m not sure about that guy.”

December finally took in the scene as a whole. Eight reindeer sat tangled in the reins of the overturned sleigh. A large burlap bag was slit open on its side, spilling out a number of toys.  And just below the toys lay a man, white beard and hair, wearing a red suit.

December’s hand flew up to her mouth before she ran to the man. “Santa?”

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti - Part 1

December peeked over the snow bank and watched the Yeti rummage around in his cave. He picked through mounds of treasures he had stolen over the years. Whether it be a golden crown or a sewing table, if the Yeti wanted it, he took it, just as he had done with her turquoise comb.

Most people would’ve let the comb go, calling it a lost cause. But her turquoise comb controlled the power of the aurora borealis and in the wrong hands would be quite deadly. If the Yeti figured out what the comb actually did he would use its power to make it winter all year. And as much as December loved winter, she knew most of her sisters wouldn’t appreciate being without their seasons. There were four seasons for a reason, to create balance. Without that balance many lives would be lost.

December pulled her white coat tighter trying to ward off the cold. She didn’t dare cast a body heating spell for fear the Yeti would sense the unusual warmth in a place where it is always cold, the North Pole.

She heard loud crunching in the snow and turned, her spear raised against the possible attack. She lowered it quickly as a huge polar bear rounded the corner.

“Zircon, you scared the life out of me. I thought you were the Yeti,” December whispered.

Zircon stood on two legs, showing his full height. “That Yeti has nothing on me. Besides he smells like a wet skunk and I’d like to think I smell like roses. That is if I knew what roses smelled like.”

“Get down,” scolded December. “No matter how you smell, he’ll see you.”

Zircon dropped to four paws. “What are you doing up here, December? And why aren’t you cloaked in your warmness spell?”

“The Yeti stole my turquoise comb,” answered December.

“Not the Turquoise Comb!” Zircon gasped.

December peeked over the drift again, noticing the Yeti was gone. “Yes, the very one and now I must get it back.”

“No, wait,” protested Zircon, but it was too late. December had already rounded the corner and entered the Yeti’s cave.

She quickly searched through drawers of random desks and chests until she found her comb. “Got it!”

No sooner had she said the word, when a ferocious roar came from the back of the cave.

December quickly hopped onto Zircon’s back. “Run!”