Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Fun

The Christmas Tree Mystery?
By Cathy Collar

The kitten snuck under the tree.
What, oh what, did the kitten see?
A silver ball shiny and bright,
sparkling in the Christmas lights.

The kitten gave it a small bat.
She watched it sway this way and that.
She sat and watched it till it stopped.
Then cocked her head and thought a thought.

She looked up high into the tree.
And many sparkling balls did see.
She squatted low, looked all around.
There was not a soul to be found.

The coast was clear, branch one, two, three.
“Silver balls swirling just for me!”
Branch four now five, “Oh mercy me,
I am at the top of the tree!”

But then the tree began to sway.
The tree branches sort of gave way.
She sunk her claws into the trunk,
as the tree fell with a ker-thump.

She found her feet and with a hiss,
looked all around for who did this.
Who had cut down the Christmas Tree?
This was as bad as bad could be.

Footsteps running down the hall.
She heard them right before the fall.
She peeked from underneath the tree.
“Why are they all looking at me?”

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