Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thoughts from Cathy

Dragonflies from Heaven

Yesterday was to be my youngest daughter's, Anna's,  31st birthday.  I made it through the day ok with the help of thoughtful Friends and Family.  I have resolved myself to believe that every time one of Anna's special Days comes up I must remember that she is in Heaven and has won her reward to be there early because of her Tender Loving Heart.  Unfortunately this does not fill that empty spot in my heart that formed when she went away.  It just patches it with a thin piece of glass that I know can shatter with the slightest thought of my loss.   Today I woke up and felt empty.  Being it was a Saturday there really wasn't much work to keep my mind busy enough to keep the glass from cracking and perhaps maybe even breaking, so I decided to go to the farm and turn our 6 dogs loose on our 250 acres and revel in their love and enthusiasm for life!  After giving me the pleasure of a happy bounce, wagging tail, and of course the permission to give each of them a big hug, they were off, running wildly around the farm, but staying close enough to keep me in sight just in case I got into any trouble.  After the blissful party departed, my emptiness started to return.  I decided to busy myself with cleaning their swimming pools, you know the plastic pools from Wal-Mart, and filling them with fresh cool water for their return.  There I was covered with mud, filling the pools, my mind wondering back to Anna, when six, yes there were definitely Six Beautiful Large Black & White Dragonflies hovering right before me above the pool.  I thought how odd.  Usually, Dragonflies are very shy and won't let anyone get even close to them.  Then one of them hovered right in front of me, looked straight at me and at that moment I heard my darling daughter, with my mind, not my ears say,  "I Love You Mamma."  Peace wash over my body and the fragile piece of glass patching my heart grew another layer stronger.  "I Love You Too, Anna," I said aloud and all of the Dragonflies turned to look at me, hovered for a moment, then flew away.  All but One.  It stayed by my side until I had finished my task.  As I drove back to town I was wondering why six dragonflies?  Then it dawned on me.  Yesterday was  her 6th  Birthday in Heaven.  Each year Anna sends me a gift from heaven, usually it is in the form of Beautiful, Colorful Butterflies.  This year it was Beautiful, yet Subtle, Black & White Dragonflies.  Thank You Anna. I Love & Miss You!

The Dragonfly brings mystic messages of enlightenment from the spirit, breaking down
illusions in order to transform your life.

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