Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prayers & Angels: Nikki Aubrey Update

June 22 - Nikki was accepted to the skilled nursing home that came today-two others had turned her down, so we know that is where God wants her. They have a specially trained therapist that specializes in stroke-brain trauma patients. She has to get over the bacterial infection before she can be moved out of NSICU and to nursing home in ambulance., so it will be later this week. Two weeks ago tonight at about 3:00 A.M. the doctors gave us no hope of her living, but they didn't know the power of our God!!!!!

June 23 - Nikki is still at University, apparently insurance has not signed off on her nursing home. She is not as responsive today, seems very tired, but she has been through a lot & nurses tell me not to worry. Infection is taken care of, all her vital signs are wonderful-bp is 134/65 (with just 1 medicine)-still has moist air comes into her trach-temp is down. PTL!! Mighty things are going to take place when she gets in to the actual therapy, we believe that with all our hearts & God will have her outshine the direst prognosis!!!!

June 24 - Nikki didn't get to go to Nursing Home today, she has a blood clot in her right leg & the Dr. that did her trach put a filter in her heart that is similar to a stent. She now has infection where the pick in her arm was and a urinary tract infection. They have her on a strong antibiotic to take care of both. She was still lethargic but vital signs are great, so should go to Home tomorrow. Our neighbor, Amie, works at another Home close by and said she can go over to see her during her lunch hour. Another neighbor, Sara, brought over a casserole (delicious) and garlic bread (Ava's favorite) and all the many Facebook friends and family that have been praying and sending love and hugs--THANK YOU!! It is friends and family like this that have made this hideous nightmare bearable.

June 25 - Nikki is still at University, Home doesn't have a private room so she can be in isolation for the 3 infections she has contracted. Still not very responsive, but have been told many times that there are many levels of coma and she has just come out of vegetative state so not to be concerned. Easy to say when it isn't your 33 year old daughter fighting for her life. So we will just pray her out of unresponsive state and into total consciousness.

June 26 - Nikki is at University-3 infections continue to keep her in isolation. She is on a powerful antibiotic to clear up the cdep (infection in her bowel) & ones in urinary tract & pic line site. Tried to put another pic line in today but her veins are tiny so may have to take her to surgery to put in another one. Vital signs are great & little fever, but she was very unresponsive today-had eyes open halfway but no recognition. But tomorrow is a new day & God is in control so will continue to trust in Him for her healing!!!!

June 27 - Nikki is being moved to the Home today. She will be in a private room in isolation until infections are under control. Thank you for the cards that have already been sent, the Home is keeping them for her until she gets out of isolation. Is still unresponsive, but awake, so we are heartened by any progress. Dr. says one step forward, six back, three forward, ten sideways, etc. so just go with the flow-I will go with the flow of God working and healing and her progressing at His rate. Praise God!!

June 28 - The nurses seem to be very nice & I met Dr. Donnelly today and liked him so much. She will continue getting bp med., antibiotics, Ritalin, mist through her trach tube & Coumadin. Still not responsive but maybe she is tired from the infections, told her to just rest &. let God do wonders.

June 29 - Nikki has been awake most of day & tracking some-doesn't seem to recognize anyone. She did therapy today & will do it almost everyday with Nancy, a wonderful physical therapist, plus she specializes in stroke-brain trauma patients.

Her nurse tonight is a pastors wife & will tell their congregation & prayer chains to pray for Nikki! God is at work all the time!!!!

Nikki's friend Tammie visited at the Home. She said, "Nikki looked right into my eyes every time I talked to her. I don't know for sure but I felt like she knew I was there and could see me. There were two nurses in her room and one ask if I was Nikki's mom (lol) I said no, she is one of my best friends and Nikki looked up at us when she heard me. :)"

June 30 - Nikki was rushed to University Hospital with a raging fever and infection. (2 pm)

Nikki is back at University Hospital. She has pneumonia. Annetta, her mom, is waiting there until she is settled in a room. Please continue to send prayers and cards to the nursing home. She will return there when she's better. We appreciate all your concern, kindness and prayers. (7 pm)

July 1 - Nikki is resting comfortably at University- on two powerful antibiotics for pneumonia (both lungs) & for bowel infection. We were in the trauma emergency area for over 13 hours & that was quite an eyeopener-gunshot victims, people drinking, doing drugs & driving. I wonder, if any of them had suffered through the last 3 weeks as Nikki & everyone that loves & know her, would they change their lives? Sadly, the answer would probably be no, unless God intervened on their lives. Thank you for the prayers, cards (I read them to her & then put them where she can see them), generosity & love that has been shown to Nikki & all of us, May God Bless All of You!!!!!!

July 2 - Nikki is receiving antibiotics & is still breathing moisturized air in her breathing tube. They ran a Cat scan, MRI & were going to do a spinal tap, but have decided to wait on the tap. There is an area in her brain that is not receiving enough blood flow & oxygen & Drs. are trying to find out if it is infection or what. They don't think it is another stroke, just trying to rule everything out. Her Dr. saw her move her finger & smile when we were in OR & I was doing 3 Little Pigs to her toes, such a simple thing but Dr. & I were so excited because even though she has not been very responsive lately now they know for sure she is still in there!!. PRAISE THE LORD, HE just keeps doing miracles with Nikki!!!!

July 3 - Diane Aubrey: I just spent almost two hours with Nikki at University Hospital. Oxygen level are much improved and her breathing is less labored. They did a lung CT today and the fluid is much less so draining will not be necessary. That's a relief, draining requires inserting a needle through the back. Her eyes are open and clear. She seems comfortable and is receiving excellent care. Her nurse came in to suction her trach and was very gentle. They are doing range of motion exercises, her temp is down, she felt cool to the touch and I am much relieved about her condition. Please continue to pray for her and for Allen and Annetta. My love to all of you who love her.

July 4 - Today Nikki seemed to be comfortable-her eyes were open & clear although not really focusing. The OT's came in today & put cloths in her hands to keep fingers for curling inward (already starting-but will do splints probably tomorrow) & boots on her feet to keep them from turning downward (already started). Put her on a special air mattress to keep bedsores from forming (had two when she got back to University). They sat her up on side of bed (of course they were holding her, but at least she changed positions for a few minutes, hadn't been in sitting position for almost 4 weeks). Two more days of the powerful antibiotics & praying that will clear up most of her infections. Dr. Deitz asked her to blink & she did twice, so Praise God she is still responding & he said he wants to get her to the best she can be, he is so caring & always keeps me up to date on her with calls or visits to her room. She has a team of Drs. for neurology-one for blood-one for medical-one for respiratory-one for occupational therapy. Thank you Jesus for the Drs. that are working for Nikki's recovery & for Your Precious Healing.

Please say an extra prayer for Allen (her Dad), he goes back to work tonight & works double shifts all week-he is worn out physically and emotionally.

July 5 - Nikki was able to turn her head from side to side today, before neck muscles couldn't respond or were too weak. Still on her antibiotics & other medicines, eyes are open wide but not focusing. Seems much calmer now that her Dad & I are only ones allowed to visit with her. Allen stopped on his way home today after working double shift, but had to see his girl. We are telling her to be strong & get well so she can come home with us and be with Ava and Peyton and Alex (when he is here-he stays with his Dad & his Grandma), she smiled when we told her that. Day by day she is improving, at least physically, and with God on her side she will improve mentally! Thanks again for all your prayers, they are definitely working wonders for our Nikki!

July 6 - Nikki is responding well to the antibiotics, congestion in trach is better (they are also warming the mist). Put her on anti-seizure medicine and blood thinners plus other medicines. Has her hand splints and foot splints on all the time now. Nikki is very calm & looks much better, not having all kinds of things said about where she will be & kids will be has helped. She knows or only hears that she will be with her Dad, me & Ava & Peyton, which is the way it should be. Allen (her Dad) trimmed her fingernails & cleaned them today-he has always been the one to do that with any of the kids, because I am nervous that I might cut them-or at least that's what I have told him all these years-lol). Four weeks ago tonight our lives were torn apart, but with God's help and wonderful praying family & friends, Nikki, Allen, Ava, Peyton, Andrew and myself are blessed!!!

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