Friday, June 24, 2011

Prayers & Angels: Nikki Aubrey Update

via Annetta Carrick Aubrey

Nikki didn't get to go today to Home, she has a blood clot in her right leg & the Dr. that did her trach put a filter in her heart that is similar to a stent. She now has infection where the pick in her arm was and a urinary track infection. They have her on a strong antibiotic to take care of both. She was still lethargic but vital signs are great, so should go to Home tomorrow. Our neighbor, Amie, works at another Home close by and said she can go over to see her during her lunch hour. Another neighbor, Sara, brought over a casserole (delicious) and garlic bread (Ava's favorite) and all the many Facebook friends and family that have been praying and sending love and hugs--THANK YOU!! It is friends and family like this that have made this hideous nightmare bearable.

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