Friday, February 21, 2020

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 28

She felt her heart open up to the prospect of letting it all go. Actually, going to Paris for a couple of weeks and then coming back and fulling embracing the community.
Before she could say a word, Heather barged into the back room. “We have to hide! All hell is breaking loose outside. We’re all in grave danger!”

Chapter 9

“What do you mean?” asked Cage spinning around. Elise could tell all his senses were on high alert.
“There’s something out there,” stammered Heather. “I saw it. It’s black, like fog, but it’s not fog.”
“How did you see it?” asked Elise, feeling her own sense heighten.
“I was about to come check out the books on spells and I looked out the side window,” said Heather, tears falling frantically on her cheeks. “I saw Pammy out the there. The black stuff, it just wrapped around her like a snake, her eyes flashed red, and she started to scream as if her whole body was racked in pain. I dropped the books, ready to run out there and help her. But then the black stuff, it looked at me.” She shook her head. “I don’t know how, I mean it wasn’t like it had a face, but it looked at me and I saw myself … my teeth were breaking into pieces and falling out. I touched my mouth and my teeth were still there, but I just kept seeing my teeth breaking over and over and I knew if that black fog touched me, I’d not only see it. I’d feel it.”
Cage looked at Elise with narrowed eyes.
She stepped back as she felt Roark tremble. “It wasn’t me. I was here with you.”
“You didn’t conjure it earlier when you were angry with me?”
Elise shook her head frantically. “I wouldn’t do that.”
Rosemary appeared, her own face frantic. “Something is outside. It’s evil. You have to stop it. It … It …”
Rosemary lost her composer into a fit of sobs.  “It took Dorothea and Ernest. They went outside, thinking it was something you did. The thing … it just sucked them in.”
Cage shook his head. “If it wasn’t you, then who was it?”
“I don’t know,” said Elise, fear and rage gripping her body. “I would never hurt Dorothea and Ernest. They are my family.”
They heard a sob from the corner and saw Heather hunkered down, fear dripping from her face as she looked at the three of them. Elise’s heart jumped to her throat, she had forgotten Heather was in the room.
She walked gently to the woman and knelt in front of her. “Heather, you’re okay.”

Heather shook her head violently. “No, no I’m not. That woman is see-through and Cage says you are responsible for that thing out there. I’m seeing things again, aren’t I Elise. The black thing has got me … unless … you’re the witch.” She grabbed Elise by the color, then shriek as her fingers skimmed Roark’s body. “There’s a spider on you! A giant spider!”
“It’s okay,” Elise said again. She waved her finger. “This, my friend, is too much to bear. Go to sleep, you will, and forget to share. You’ll wake rested and full of love, forgetting all of the above.”
Heather looked at Elise for a moment and Elise couldn’t help but see gratitude instead of fear, just before Heather’s eyes drooped shut and she started to snore softly.

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