Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Witch of Apple Hill ~ Part 8

“Let’s go then,” said Ms. Welch. “It’s too hot to stand here yacking about it. I need to be in the water now.”
Mr. King laughed. “Maybe it’s the witch’s curse?”
“No curse, just old age,” snapped Ms. Welch, “let’s get moving!”
“Well look at you,” said Rosemary coming out of her hiding place once Mr. King and Ms. Welch had left the building. “All ready cursing people and in their presences. Maybe you want to be caught?”
Elise shook her head. “I want them gone.”
“Elise, honey, have you stopped to look around at this town? I mean, it’s hardly a nightmare. They take good care of it. They continue to expand the orchard organically. They have wonderful community parties, the school is top notch, and there’s little crime.”
“The crime is they had no right to move here,” snapped Elise. “This is my home and my land. They came in here to tear it up and mine it to the point of desolation. The only reason they found nothing is because I cursed them to be blind to gold or this town would be a city, full of pollution and greed. They took my land and you know they tried to take my …” Elise hung her head.
“Didn’t you admit none of the families that stayed had anything to do with that?” countered Rosemary. “I’m pretty sure Roark took care of those men and they were never seen again. Their families didn’t move here either.”
“What’s your point?” Elise stormed to the storage room and grabbed a cart and then headed to the overnight book drop, her feet stomping all the way.
“My point is,” said Rosemary catching up with her as Elise slammed books onto the cart, “is that maybe it’s time to bless these folks instead of cursing them? Maybe it’s time to let the valley thrive as it is. Even if you get rid of the founding families, not everyone is going to move away. You heard Mr. King say it was the prettiest place on Earth. He’s not moving and I don’t think his granddaughter is either.”
“I just have to be meaner,” said Elise. “Tonight I’ll change all her hair colors in her beauty shop. Folks will go in for blonde and get pink.”
“That’s not my point,” said Rosemary. “In two weeks, you’ll pretend to leave. You’ll do your youth spell and come back looking fresh and ready for a new start. Why not actually make it a new start? What if you embrace the changes and just try to be happy?” 
“They stole from me!”
“Who?” came a voice from the doorway and Elise was surprised that she didn’t recognize it. She stepped out of the small closet where the overnight returns dropped. A man with chocolate brown hair and eyes that matched, stood in the doorway looking at her.
Elise quickly looked around and saw that Rosemary had made herself disappear. She scratched her head. “I was just … well I thought someone had stolen a DVD, but it was just under another book. Unfortunately, that’s my pet peeve and you caught me at a bad moment. I thought I was alone since I didn’t hear the door chime.”
Elise thought it was very odd the door didn’t chime. It was a spell of her own and wouldn’t malfunction like a store bought chime. The man gave her a half smile that made Elise’s hackles rise. He may look ordinary, but every fiber of her being was telling her differently.

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