Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pearls ~ History & Lore ~

The lore of pearls from around the world is extensive and suggests additional nuanced meaning to the pearl. In the orient there are stories of how oysters would rise up, their shells open, to receive the precious rain. The Chinese believed that pearls tumbled from the mouths of dragons. Dragons symbolize the primordial power of the elements, particularly the clouds, sky, thunder and lightning.

This suggests that the pearl itself has primordial power within its folds of nacre.

The Romans echoed this sentiment when they described pearls as the "dews of heaven" that would tumble into the sea. Favored by the goddess of love, Venus, pearls were often dissolved in a chalice of wine which was offered to one's lover to assure successful love. Regardless, pearls have long been recognized for their medicinal values particularly for ailments of the heart.

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