Friday, June 21, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 51

The big man sneered at Rainy. “I bet that psychic guy is your friend, too. Causing a distraction so you can free the little one?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Rainy, trying to will her voice not to shake. She could hear the slight quiver, but she had never had a gun on her before, so it was better than falling to the ground in fear and blubbering.
“Oh you do,” said the big man. He pulled a walkie-talkie from his belt. Pressing the side button he spoke into it. “Kill the psychic. He’s trying to free the girl.”
“No,” shouted Rainy, fear dripping from her voice.
“Why not?” said the big man with a shrug. “You said you don’t know him. Why does it matter to you?”
Rainy wanted to say it was because she loved Hoyte. She always had and that hadn’t changed since she had left him. She had put up a wall in order to not feel those feelings, but the thought of Hoyte being shot, trying to help her and her sister, made her heart drop to her feet.
“Why would I want anyone to die?” asked Rainy.
“Oh no,” said the big man, “I know fear when I hear it. He means something to you, maybe he means a lot to you. He’s out there giving psychic readings like it’s a normal as apple pie. I don’t buy into that voodoo stuff.” He brought the walkie to his mouth again, giving Rainy a wicked smile. “Before you the kill the famous psychic, ask him if he saw it coming?”
The big guy laughed and Rainy’s head began to swim. She pushed back the dizziness and tried to stay focused, but her vision faded from the man in the warehouse to the big man begging for his own life. As the scene flashed in front of her eyes she started to speak.
“You’re going to die at the hands of the cartel. Your gang have been invading their territory and they are not happy. They’ll get to you after they kill all your men. I see you begging for your life, but they just laugh as they cut your throat. Your family will mourn, your wife, Cynthia, and your son, Matthew, will never be the same.”
“How did you know their names?” snapped the big guy. “What are you trying to pull?”
“Matthew will try and seek revenge, but he’ll die the same way you do. Cynthia won’t be able to handle the grief any longer. She will take her own life.”
“You stop talking,” ordered the man. “You shut up right now or I’ll shoot you right in the head.”
Rainy’s vision snapped back into focus. The big guy was obviously shaken. “It doesn’t have to end that way. Let us all go home, us to our family, you to yours. If you don’t get into the sex trafficking racket, the cartel will leave you alone.”
“How do you know all of this?” asked the big man. “Who do you work for?”
“No one,” said Rainy, “I’m a psychic and I can see the future. I’ve had visions all my life, but have always suppressed them. Not today, I’m telling you what I saw because you can change it. A simple act of kindness, letting us all go, will save your life … it will save Matthew and Cynthia’s lives as well.”
Rainy heard Clover scream and knew the other guard had caught up with her. The big guy still dazed from the messaged looked toward the direction of the scream. Rainy took her chance and ran at the big guy. She barreled into him with all her strength and scrambled for the gun.
“Fight, Clover! Fight!” she screamed as she wrestled with the big guy.
She could hear Clover let out a ferious cry as the other guard let out his own anguished cry, “My eye! You little sh … get back here!”
Rainy felt relief flood her body knowing Clover had once again gotten away. She continued to struggle with the man, but prayed Clover would find Hoyte. The big guy grabbed her by the neck with his free hand, but she thrusted her knee up into his groin. The gun went off and Rainy felt the searing pain as the bullet ripped through her gut.

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