Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 50

He closed the door and Rainy heard the distinct noise of the door being locked. She waited a few beats, making sure the man was gone, before she ran to her sister.
“Are you okay?” Rainy asked wrapping Clover in a hug after helping her off the floor.
Clover nodded, “Yes, but now we’re both locked in here.”
Rainy shook her head. “He might have locked this door, but the office next to this one doesn’t even have a door. We climb over the wall and escape through there.”
The girls hurried over to the faux wall that separated the two offices. “I’ll boost you up onto the file cabinet and then see if you can climb on over. I’ll use the rolling chair to get up after you go,” said Rainy.
Clover put her foot onto Rainy’s interlocked fingers and with a hoist from Rainy she managed to get on top of the large file cabinet.
“Can you get over?” asked Rainy.
Clover grabbed the top of the wall and pulled herself up as if she were climbing out of a swimming pool without a ladder. She swung one leg over and then another. Rainy let out a sigh of relief as her sister disappeared into the other office.
She grabbed the rolling chair and prayed it would stay put long enough for her to get on top of the file cabinet. Holding onto one of the drawer handles for balance she stepped on top of the chair. She felt it begin to roll and fought to keep her balance as she reached for the top of the file cabinet, in order to pull herself up.
“I’m telling you, something fishy is going on in here,” came a voice from outside.
“Clover hide,” Rainy whispered as loud as she could, hoping the person outside hadn’t heard her. She tried to hurry onto the file cabinet but the rolling chair slid back causing Rainy to fall to the floor. The door opened and the guard from before snarled at her.
“So you’re the ghost!”
“Clover run!” shouted Rainy, hoping her sister was long gone, but needing to say it anyway.
A man bigger than the guard stepped forward, his gun trained on Rainy. He looked at the guard Rainy had scared earlier. “Go find the other girl” He gave Rainy a sour smile. “So glad you could come, now I have two girls to sell.”
“I’m not going anywhere with you,” snapped Rainy.
The big man sneered at Rainy. “I bet that psychic guy is your friend, too. Causing a distraction so you can free the little one?”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” said Rainy, trying to will her voice not to shake. She could hear the slight quiver, but she had never had a gun on her before, so it was better than falling to the ground in fear and blubbering.
“Oh you do,” said the big man. He pulled a walkie-talkie from his belt. Pressing the side button he spoke into it. “Kill the psychic. He’s trying to free the girl.”

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