Friday, June 7, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 49

Rainy quickened her pace as she reached a series of three offices setting together. The one in the middle caught her eye immediately, since it was the only one with a guard. Slowing her walk, she tiptoed over the guard, hoping he wouldn’t look up. As she did she bit back a gasp as she saw Clover sitting on the floor against a desk, her knees tucked up into her chin.
Relief flooded over Rainy as she studied her sister. Clover looked to be scared, but unharmed. Now she just had to get the guard away from the door and her sister out of harm’s way. The vision of Clover dead on the warehouse floor flashed in Rainy’s mind, but she pushed it to the side. Her sister wasn’t dying today, destiny be damned.
Rainy smiled as a plan started to form. The warehouse was big with lots of creaks and moans that accompanied most abandoned buildings one the waterfront, but Rainy new from experience that most people had very active imaginations, especially when it came to the paranormal.
She scurried into the dark corner of the cat walk and let out a soft moan. At first she wasn’t sure the guard had heard it, but Clover looked up and right into her direction. A smile caressed her lips as she saw her sister.
Rainy moaned again, a little louder.
“Guard!” Clover called. “Guard!”
The guard came in, a scowl on his face. “What?”
Rainy took the opportunity to hurry down the ladder to the main floor of the warehouse. Crouching low, she ran past the far office and then waited by the door for her chance.
“I think something’s in here.”
“Probably a rat,” said the guard. “Better get used to it, where you’re going there’s nothing but rats.”
“No,” cried Clover, “I think it’s a ghost. This office is haunted. I can feel it. There was a cold spot over there.”
Clover pointed to the window.
“It’s just a draft from the window.”
“Go, see for yourself!” cried Clover.
The guard rolled his eyes and walked to the window. With his back to the door, Rainy darted in and hide under the desk, just as Clover started to wail. “I hear footsteps!”
“There is no draft and you’re probably just hearing another guard.”
As Clover’s guard marched back toward the door, Rainy kicked the rolling desk chair making it roll and spin at the same time.
Clover screamed again. “It’s a ghost! It’s a ghost! I heard at school that four men died in here. That’s why they closed it down. After those men died, accidents kept happening. It’s haunted by those guys and one was a supervisor. What if this is his office?”
Rainy could barely see the man’s face through a crack in the metal desk. She wasn’t sure if Clover had been convincing, but the guard’s face had definitely turned a shade paler. Rainy banged her hands on the underside of the desk, causing it to jump.
The man let out his own scream. “That ain’t a rat!”
“Please, let me out of here,” cried Clover. “It’s the ghost. He doesn’t like us being in here. It’s his office. He wants us gone!”
Rainy made the desk jump again, causing the man to scream again.
“You,” stammered the man as he pointed at Clover, “you stay right here. I’m going to go get help.”
“You can’t keep me in here,” cried Clover, “not with the ghost.”
She ran towards the door and Rainy had to stifle her scream as the man pushed Clover back causing her to land hard on her bottom. “You’re not going anywhere. I’ll be right back with help.”
He closed the door and Rainy heard the distinct noise of the door being locked. She waited a few beats, making sure the man was gone, before she ran to her sister.
“Are you okay?” Rainy asked wrapping Clover in a hug after helping her off the floor.
Clover nodded, “Yes, but now we’re both locked in here.”
Rainy shook her head. “He might have locked this door, but the office next to this one doesn’t even have a door. We climb over the wall and escape through there.”

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