Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 48

The guards pulled out their guns and pointed them at Hoyte. He held up his hands, but didn’t let his smile fade. “Whoa, I come in peace.”
Using a slight of hand trick, Rainy had seen him use many times, he produced a business card as if it came out of thin air. “I’m a psychic and a very well-known one if I do say so myself. My name is Hoyte Morgan, and I have a message for you all.”
The guards stared at him.
“Go ahead and take the card, then Google me. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”
“Hey,” said one of the guys as he put his gun away, “didn’t I see you on Oprah?”
Hoyte gave a small bow. “You did.”
The man laughed. “Oh my god, this guy is great! I, mean really amazing. You guys, put your guns down, he’s the real deal.”
“He’s not supposed to be here, Ricky,” snarled another guard.
“He has a message for us,” retorted Ricky, “we don’t tell him where to be, the universe does, Carlos.”
“Tie him up,” ordered Carlos.
The other guards looked at one another, but didn’t move.
“What are you doing?” asked Carlos.
“I think I saw him on Oprah too,” said another guard.
“I’m pretty sure he had a special on one of the main networks,” said yet another guard. “I kind of want to hear what he has to say.”
“Come on, Carlos,” said Ricky, “we outnumber him and he’s just a psychic. If he tries anything stupid we can take him down easy enough.”
“Fine,” said Carlos putting his gun away, “tell us your message and then get out of here.”
“I wish it was that easy,” said Hoyte, “but I must read each of your palms to make sure the message I got from afar is the same one that lies in each of your fates. Please, gather around this table and let us begin. I can tell you are very busy men and I won’t keep you for long.”
As the men gather around the poker table to get their palms read by Hoyte, Rainy continued her search of the warehouse from her bird’s eye view. She was thankful the warehouse was nothing more than a large room with offices being nothing but partitioned walls without fake ceilings.
Carefully tiptoeing around the catwalk that encompassed the entire warehouse she hoped she’d be able to find Clover and silently get her out of there before Hoyte had finished giving the guards readings. He would know to be detailed, but not take too long so he could also make an escape. If he went to fast, they might catch Rainy looking for Clover, too slow and they might find Clover gone and blame Hoyte.
Rainy quickened her pace as she reached a series of three offices setting together. The one in the middle caught her eye immediately, since it was the only one with a guard. Slowing her walk, she tiptoed over the guard, hoping he wouldn’t look up. As she did she bit back a gasp as she saw Clover sitting on the floor against a desk, her knees tucked up into her chin.
Relief flooded over Rainy as she studied her sister. Clover looked to be scared, but unharmed. Now she just had to get the guard away from the door and her sister out of harm’s way. The vision of Clover dead on the warehouse floor flashed in Rainy’s mind, but she pushed it to the side. Her sister wasn’t dying today, destiny be damned.

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