Friday, May 24, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 45

Rainy looked into the kitchen and gasped as she saw Ned sitting on the floor a bag of frozen peas over his right eye. She ran up next to him and dropped to her knees. Ned’s face was badly beaten, which was evident from his busted lip, bloody nose, and swollen right eye. Tears fell down his bruised cheeks.
“I’m so sorry,” he sobbed. “I tried to stop them. They jumped as we past an alley. I never saw them coming. Then I tried to go after them, but the car was too fast and I was on foot. I’m so sorry.”
Rainy felt Hoyte walk up and kneel beside her. “Do you have any idea who they were or where they were taking her?” he asked.
Ned shook his head. “They said something about Rainy owing them a girl, so they were taking Clover as payment.”
Rainy gasped and bit the inside of her cheek to keep herself from screaming in anguish as she remembered Lindie, the fear in her voice and how beat up she had been. She remembered how Fabian said it was his job to make the girls lose their spirit. Her mind briefly showed her Fabian looming over Clover. She raced to her feet before throwing up in the sink.
She looked at Hoyte, begging for a solution. “We have to get her back, Hoyte. This has to do with Lindie. We took Lindie so they took Clover … they’re going to …”
Hoyte was up and hugging Rainy before she could finish the sentence. “We’ll get her back, Rainy. I promise, she’ll be okay.”
“How?” asked Ned as he stumbled to his feet. “Just let me know and I’ll charge in there myself if I need to. I should have protected her better.”
“When I read Fabian’s palm I saw a picture of Charlie Chapman,” said Hoyte.
“The silent movie actor?” Rainy asked in confusion.
Hoyte nodded. “The vision wasn’t about the silent movies or the actor, I got the impression that the head of the slave trafficking ring goes by the name Charlie Chapman because he doesn’t speak unless he has to. He rules by fear, intimidation, and violence, not by words.”
Ned was at the dining table in an instant with his laptop open. “I’ll get more information while you guys call the police.”
Rainy’s head began to ring as the room tilted on its axis and grew fuzzy. It morphed from her apartment kitchen and dining area into a warehouse by the docks. She could smell the ocean as it crashed on the shore nearby. She saw the flashing lights of the police cars and heard the sirens. A body lay on the floor, officers surrounding it, keeping Rainy from seeing the face. She advanced toward them, her heart racing. The officers made way for her and Rainy let out a scream as she saw Clover on the ground shot through the head.
She felt herself falling toward her sister, longing for one last embrace, but Hoyte caught her before she hit the ground. She looked around, this time blinded by tears, but realized she wasn’t in a warehouse, but her own kitchen.
“You’re okay,” Hoyte cooed. “I’ve got you. You had a vision, but you’re safe.”
“Clover’s not,” she cried, then explained what she saw to Hoyte and Ned. Once she was finished she buried her head into Hoyte’s shoulder. “She’s dead, Hoyte and I’ve killed her.”

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