Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 44

She turned and walked toward the woman. Rainy crouched before the woman and softened her face. “You don’t know me, but I’m here to help you. Will you come with me and my friend? We’ll get you to a doctor and see to it that you’re safe.”
 After the woman had said she would got with Rainy and Hoyte, he picked her up and carried her out of the apartment. As he put the woman in the car, Rainy waved at Mrs. Chenney, letting her know everything had worked out fine.
Rainy couldn’t help but feel Mrs. Chenney wasn’t too happy about the situation, but brushed it off as worry for the woman. Rainy got in the backseat with the woman.
“Hi, I’m Rainy. Are you Lindie Richards?”
The woman nodded slowly, cowering in the corner of the car as Hoyte got in.
“It’s okay,” cooed Rainy, “we are going to take you to a hospital. You called me in need of help, remember?”
Lindie shook her head as she looked around the car like a wild animal.
“Do you recall calling the psychic hotline?”
Lindie nodded and looked at Rainy with wide eyes.
Rainy smiled. “I answered that call. You’re safe now, okay?”
The woman smiled and leaned into Rainy. She started to sob into Rainy’s arm. “Thank you.”

Rainy walked out of the hospital and couldn’t help but smile. She had gotten Lindie admitted to the hospital under protective care and had only left when a police officer came to question Lindie about what she had been through.
Rainy knew she couldn’t bear to hear what the poor woman had endured since her calls to the psychic line. She gave the officer her information and said she’d help anyway she could, but she needed to get back to her sister.
As she walked out of the doors of the hospital, she felt lighter. No omens or card readings could bring her down. She knew without a doubt that she had saved Lindie from a life worse than death.
The lightness she had been feeling faded away as she saw the look on Hoyte’s face. Something was wrong … not just wrong, but devastating.
“What is it?” she asked hurrying up to him.
“Clover’s missing.”

Chapter 14

Rainy didn’t wait for Hoyte to put the car in park before she jumped out and ran into her apartment building. The door was already propped open with a brick, something the kids in the building did frequently after school, so they could come and go without needing a key from their parents.
She raced up the stairs and to her apartment and stopped short as she saw her own door wide open. Finding her voice and her courage she hurried to the door. “Clover! Ned?”
“Over here,” called a raspy voice.
Rainy looked into the kitchen and gasped as she saw Ned sitting on the floor a bag of frozen peas over his right eye. She ran up next to him and dropped to her knees. Ned’s face was badly beaten, which was evident from his busted lip, bloody nose, and swollen right eye. Tears fell down his bruised cheeks.
“I’m so sorry,” he sobbed. “I tried to stop them. They jumped as we past an alley. I never saw them coming. Then I tried to go after them, but the car was too fast and I was on foot. I’m so sorry.”

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