Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 42

“That number belongs to my meanest tenant, Fabian Cortez,” said Mrs. Chenney. “I asked him to move his car one day, it was blocking another tenant’s parking spot, and he pulled a knife on me.”
“Oh my,” said Rainy.
“I’m afraid if I call he’ll get angry with your friend,” Mrs. Chenney’s voice grew weak, “or me.”
 “I understand why you don’t want to get involved,” said Rainy. “I’m scared too. That’s why I brought my friend, Hoyte with me. He may need humility, but we both know this could be a dangerous situation, which is why we need to check on Lindie. Please, Mrs. Chenney, just give me the apartment number and I’ll go check on her. Fabian Cortez doesn’t have to know you told me the address. I promise, I’ll keep you completely out of it.”
“I wish I would have had a friend like you at one time,” said Mrs. Chenney. Her eyes glossed over as if she were remembering another time and place. “I didn’t and I had to get out on my own. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”
“So please, let me help Lindie. Let me be the friend to her that you wish you would have had when you needed one the most,” begged Rainy.
“I can’t do it,” said Mrs. Chenney standing, “but I do need a cup of coffee. I take special care with my coffee. Takes me a good five minutes to get it just right. I sure do hope that no one looks in my file cabinet while I’m gone.”
Mrs. Chenney gave Rainy a sad, but knowing smile as she walked through a door, leading to the back part of the office. As soon as the door shut behind her, Rainy rushed to the file cabinet. Thankfully, it was not only unlocked, but Mrs. Chenney had every tenant boldly listed and in alphabetically order. It took Rainy only a moment to see Fabian Cortez had rented apartment 202.

Chapter 13

Rainy looked at Hoyte who stood just to the side of the door, in the blind spot of the peep hole. Her heart raced with nerves. They had a plan, but both of them had admitted it was an awful plan. As much as Rainy would have liked to just have Lindie leave with her, there was the fact that Rainy was a stranger to Lindie and she had no reason to leave with them.
“Just be vague,” said Hoyte.
Rainy gave him a firm nod. He had meditated on the apartment before they went up and his gut was telling him Fabian Cortez was working for someone else and Lindie was being forced to work for some kind of service. It didn’t take psychic powers to know that service was most likely not on the up and up with the law. The biggest questions was whether the service was in regards to sex or drugs.
“This is a stupid idea,” Rainy muttered.
“Do you have a better one?” snapped Hoyte in a harsh whisper.
She didn’t, so she took a deep breath and knocked firmly on the door. A man with long black hair, slicked back by either a tub of grease of lack of showering, pulled open the door and snarled at her. “Wrong apartment Girl Scout, take your cookies elsewhere.”
The man started to close the door as Rainy heard a whimper behind him.
“Fabian Cortez,” Rainy said firmly, raising her hand up to meet the door to stop its closing. “I’m here with the service.”
Fabian looked her up and down as he licked his lips. Rainy felt her stomach turn at the thought of even a finger of his touching her.
“Stop looking at me like that,” she snapped. “I’m not on the menu. I’m here to see about the merchandise you acquired.”
“The service has never sent a watch dog to look after me,” snarled Fabian.
“They have now,” said Hoyte as he stepped in the doorway. 

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