Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 40

Rainy stopped and looked at him as rain pour over them. “I just don’t understand why you did it.”
“Is it really that hard to understand?” said Hoyte. His emerald eyes begged her to see what he was trying to say. She knew exactly why he had done it just as much as she knew that he didn’t want to say it out loud. “Rainy, I …”
“Just forget it,” said Rainy, not wanting him to finish his sentence. “I promise I won’t bring it up again.”
She turned and started forward, just has Hoyte grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. He leaned in and kissed her, and Rainy’s heart leapt as if it had found a piece of itself that had been missing.

Chapter 12

Breaking away from the kiss she turned. Yes, it was a piece of her heart that had been missing, because he stole it from her.
“Don’t,” she said, taking a step away from Hoyte.
“I’m sorry, I acted in the moment,” he said. “I didn’t think.”
“No, you didn’t,” said Rainy over her shoulder, “let’s go. We have work to do.”
She marched toward the office, the tingle of the kiss still lingering on her lips and the heat from the passion making her body warm even with the cold rain falling on her head. She was glad for the rain, glad for the coolness that reminded her of why they broke up. How he never listened, but spoke for her, chose for her, planned for her. Just like that kiss, he never stopped to think about what she really wanted … or what she needed.
Feeling him close behind her, she picked up her pace and let herself in the apartment offices door.
“Oh my heavens.” A woman with tidy blonde hair, hurried over to Rainy with a towel. “It’s just raining cats and dogs out there, isn’t it? Come on in … oh you have a friend. Let me get him a towel too. I keep these in the office when it rains for just this occasion.”
Rainy thankfully took the towel and draped it over her shoulders. “Wow, thank you.”
The woman smiled and Rainy instantly thought of her grandmother, even though this woman was nowhere near old enough to be her grandmother. It was more in the way the woman fussed over them, was completely prepared for the situation, and her warm smile.
“Okie dokie,” said the woman, “I’m Mrs. Chenney. How can I help you folks?”
“Nice to meet you, I’m Rainy Summerfield.”
Mrs. Chenney giggled. “Oh my goodness, how cute, here you are soaked by the rain and your name is rainy. That’s a hoot.”
“I’m Hoyte, and we’re here for some information on one of your residence.”
Mrs. Chenney’s smile faded. “Oh no, what happened now? You know I try to run a tight ship here, have a nice place for good folks to stay regardless of the neighborhood, but even the tidiness house can find a cockroach. Are you folks police?”
“No, ma’am,” said Rainy, feeling the need to be extra polite. “We’re looking for a friend. We fear she might be in trouble.”
“You can tell me her name and I’ll be happy to call and check up on her for you,” said Mrs. Chenney.
“I don’t think she’s a resident here,” said Hoyte.
Mrs. Chenney shook her head. “Then what makes you think she’s here?”
“We have a number that she has called often,” explained Rainy. “It’s attached to an apartment here. Unfortunately, the number is all we have.”
“You can give me the number and I’ll be happy to call it,” said Mrs. Chenney.
“We were hoping you could give us the apartment number,” said Hoyte. “Or at the very least the name of the resident.”
“Sorry, can’t do that,” said Mrs. Chenney, “not unless you have a warrant and you’ve already told me you’re not police officers.”
“Mrs. Chenney.” Hoyte gave her a sexy smile as he tussled his wet hair. Rainy had to fight the urge to groan at his obviousness. “I’m Hoyte Morgan.”

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