Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 38

“Hey,” came Ned’s voice on the line, “you guys find anything?”
“Only a phone number, can you track it?” asked Rainy.
“If it’s not a burner cell, most likely,” said Ned.
Rainy gave him the number and Ned said he’d call back as soon as he could. Rain started to drizzle on the windshield as she waited for Hoyte to return with the coffee. She couldn’t help but feel helpless. Her life was hanging in the balance, seeming to depend solely on this mysterious Lindie, and all she could do was wait for Hoyte to come back with coffee and Ned to come back with hopefully a location.
Rainy’s phone rang and she was surprised to see Ned’s name. Her heart sank a little. Most likely the quick response was due to the fact that Lindie was calling a burner phone that couldn’t be traced.
“Hey, Rainy, good news,” said Ned.
Her heart picked up a beat. “Did you find a location of the phone so quickly?”
Ned chuckled. “Yes, thankfully for us it’s a listed landline.”
“A landline? Really?”
“Yep,” said Ned, “some people still have them, you know, like businesses, Baby Boomers, conspiracy theorist, my grandparents. Anyway, it’s an apartment building about five blocks west of the motel. I just texted Hoyte the address. I looked it up on Google maps and it looks pretty sketchy, so be careful.”
“This whole neighborhood is sketchy,” said Rainy, “but that just means we need to get Lindie out of it even more.”
“Rainy,” said Ned, his voice softening, “what if this isn’t about Lindie. I know what the cards say and that Hoyte is convinced if you save Lindie you save yourself, but what if it would be better off for you to just lay low. We could protect you and Clover, leave the city for a while, if not for good. I’ve got money saved up. Hoyte pays me well and I was getting money from Super Foods.” She heard his voice hiccup a little. “Rainy, you and Clover, you’re my family. I know it sounds like the coward thing to do, but let’s just run away to another state. I can look after us until we’re settled and the danger passes.”
Rainy let his words sink in. There was so much reason in what he was saying. It would be simple to just run from the cards and not look back. If she wasn’t in the city, then how could the people who are putting Lindie in danger, also be a threat to Rainy? A yes was on the tip of her tongue when the black cards flashed through her memory, followed by the ravens, black dog, and black butterfly. The universe was telling her something and she knew, all too well, you couldn’t run from the universe.
“As much as I want to say yes,” answered Rainy, “and I really do. I can’t. You can’t run from your destiny.”
“So your destiny is to die?” snapped Ned.
“No,” Rainy said softly, “look, I don’t know what will happen, but I feel like we’re doing the right thing by helping Lindie.” She looked through the big picture windows of the coffee shop and saw Hoyte paying for the coffee. “Hoyte will be back any minute. I appreciate the offer, Ned, but I can’t run from this. The universe will find another way to make the omens come true. My best shot is to look destiny right in the face and dare her to follow through, all the while fighting back.”
“It’s a fight for your life,” said Ned.
“And I won’t go quietly.”

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