Friday, April 5, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 37

“Does Lindie have a cell phone?” Rainy asked.
“It’s turned off and the voicemail is full,” said Sam. “Probably of my messages begging her to come back.” He looked up at Rainy. “I’ll never touch her again, I swear. She was right to leave. I acted like an idiot. I love her. Please, if you find her, tell her that.”
He stood and offered his hand to shake toward Hoyte. “I’m really sorry I lunged at your girl. I’m just stupid with fear for Lindie. I miss her so much.”
Hoyte takes Sam’s hand, but not to shake. He looks at the palm and gently rubs his fingers across the lines.
Sam tried to yank his hand away, but Hoyte held it firm.
“It’s okay,” Rainy said quickly. “He’s not going to hurt you again. He’s reading your palm.”
Sam’s face lit up. “I thought I recognized you! You’re that famous psychic guy, Hoyte Morgan.” His smile got wider and then faded. “Lindie would have loved to meet you.”
“She still might,” said Hoyte dropping Sam’s hand.
“Well, what did it say?” asked Sam.
“First, is there anything you can think of that might help us find Lindie,” asked Hoyte.
“Yeah, hang on.” Sam ducked back into the motel room and came out with a sheet of paper. “This is Lindie’s cell bill. I don’t know who this number belongs to and no one answers when I call it, but she called it a bunch of times, including the night she left me.”
“Thanks,” said Rainy, taking the sheet.
“You have a big decision coming up,” said Hoyte. “If Lindie comes back to you, then you are to move to Nebraska and live a clean life. No drinking. No smoking. No drugs.”
“Ah man, that doesn’t sound like fun,” said Sam.
“If you don’t heed my advice, you’ll die soon, violently, and alone,” said Hoyte, before turning and walking toward the car.
“Good luck,” said Rainy with a thin smile.
“I hope you find her,” said Sam, “please tell her I’ll do anything to get her back.”
“I will, Sam.”

Chapter 11

“So, did you really see ‘move to Nebraska’ in Sam’s palm?” Rainy asked as they drove out of the motel parking lot.
“No,” said Hoyte, “I saw a very violent death if he doesn’t get out of the city. He’s mixed up with the wrong people and I’m afraid that means Lindie is as well. Which also means that you getting involved could be the very reason for your demise.”
“Demise, huh?” Rainy shook her head. “Very fancy way to say death.”
“Well, I don’t like to think of you as dead,” said Hoyte. “Call Ned and see if he can track that number.”
Rainy did as Hoyte suggested. He pulled into a coffee shop parking lot. “Coffee?”
Rainy nodded as she waited for Ned to answer.
“Hey,” came Ned’s voice on the line, “you guys find anything?”
“Only a phone number, can you track it?” asked Rainy.
“If it’s not a burner cell, most likely,” said Ned.
Rainy gave him the number and Ned said he’d call back as soon as he could. Rain started to drizzle on the windshield as she waited for Hoyte to return with the coffee. She couldn’t help but feel helpless. Her life was hanging in the balance, seeming to depend solely on this mysterious Lindie, and all she could do was wait for Hoyte to come back with coffee and Ned to come back with hopefully a location.

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