Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Daring Destiny ~ Part 36

“Why would she need checking on?” asked the man. “And how would you know?”
“Because she hasn’t been in Super Foods lately,” said Rainy. Once the words were out of her mouth she heard Hoyte inhale sharply. She shouldn’t have told the man where she really worked. It was a rookie mistake, of course she was a rookie, she wasn’t even a rookie, she was wannabe cop or super hero or something.
“Lindie doesn’t shop at Super Foods,” said the man. “I do the shopping and as you can see she lives in a motel, so she’s not exactly stocking up. Funny thing is, I’m also looking for Lindie, so it seems we have a situation.”
“No situation,” said Rainy. “We’ll just check back later.”
The man steps out as Rainy fights the urge to step away from him. He’s big, but Hoyte comes closer, reminding her that she’s not alone.
“I think you didn’t come here searching for Lindie,” said the man. “I think you came here to get her stuff because you helped her leave.”
Rainy swallowed hard. “I can assure …”
“What if we did?” stated Hoyte. “The bigger question is, why would she need our help to leave?”
“I’ve had enough of this. Where is Lindie?” The man lunged at Hoyte, but to Rainy’s surprise, Hoyte was faster. Hoyte grabs the man’s arm and twists it around his back. The man screams out in pain as he falls to his knees.
“Let me go man!” screams the man.
“We have some questions first,” said Rainy. “Let’s start with your name.”
“Sam Cates,” the man grunted.
“Okay, Sam, now for the million dollar question. What happened to Lindie?” Rainy asks. “Just tell us and Hoyte will let you go.”
“I really don’t know,” cried Sam, big tears falling from his eyes. “I love her, man. I never meant to hurt her. I was drunk and lost my temper. Just once. I never hit her though, I just shoved her. She hit the wall and I didn’t mean it, but I was stupid and I didn’t apologize either. I just want to tell her I’m sorry.”
Rainy had serious doubts that Sam had only shoved Lindie and that it had only happened once, but she nodded to Hoyte to let him go.
Hoyte released his grip. “Tell us about the last time you saw Lindie.”
Sam sat on the sidewalk. “I was drinking with some buddies a few nights ago and one of them said something stupid about Lindie looking sexy and that she was hanging all over another man at a different bar some other night. I lost my temper and stumbled back from the bar, way too out of it. I’m surprised I even made it back here. I screamed and broke a lamp. I could tell she was scared. She tried to leave and then I shoved her. She hit the wall. I felt so awful. I begged her to stay, but she left. I haven’t seen her since.”
“Her credit card was used this morning here,” said Rainy. “That’s how we found the place.”
“It’s the card on file,” said Sam. “I told the lady at the front desk to just keep using it, until I told her otherwise when we checked in. She doesn’t know that Lindie isn’t here.”
“Does Lindie have a cell phone?” Rainy asked.
“It’s turned off and the voicemail is full,” said Sam. “Probably of my messages begging her to come back.” He looked up at Rainy. “I’ll never touch her again, I swear. She was right to leave. I acted like an idiot. I love her. Please, if you find her, tell her that.”

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